The sun has finally come out today, it is warm and might even get up to around seventy degrees: I have the windows open, and a Hawaiian friend is coming down to the house (we are going to write some songs, something we have been promising to do for a long time).


The guest bedroom is ready for him, and I suddenly felt like giving it a couple of sprays of Songes, one of the loveliest perfumes ever made (and to take him back, perhaps, to Hawaii). It smells as wonderful as ever; makes me glad to be alive.


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5 responses to “MOON BEACH: SONGES by ANNICK GOUTAL (2006)

  1. A scent rich in ylang ylang and all other sweet and delicious floral notes. Truly one of the best by Annick Goutal, a work of art.
    I will have to revisit this one, it has been far too long.

    Writing songs? You are quite talented Monsieur Ginza. I myself used to write and sing, I actually recorded 5 dance singles back in the day. I used to love writing lyrics, but sadly nothing ever came of my writing.

    You will have to share some of your collaborative work with us.

    • I have never done it before either, and I don’t think this is likely to lead to anything as our personalities clash too much.

      However, it was quite interesting. Makana is musical in that he has written songs and lyrics and has the melodies in his head, but is literally tone deaf. I have good pitch, so have been adding chords and musical ideas. We have tastes in electronica that overlap, and two quite interesting things came out of the session chez nous (way too much wine was drunk in the process, though, while Duncan made a fantastic gumbo, his first).

      If it does ever get to the youtube video stage I will definitely put it up.

      • Sounds very interesting. I am always amazed by musical people who are tone deaf. I have perfec pitch, yet do not have the ability to read or play music.
        I will be curious to see where this goes, it may go viral on YouTube who knows.
        As for wine, wine is always a great catalyst to creativity. The necter of the gods always opens the creative gates.
        Congrat Duncan on his gumbo, one of my favorite Cajun dishes.
        Music writing, great company, wine and gumbo…sounds like a perfect evening.

    • Songes, though: nothing else has that particular, dizzyingly dreamy quality that makes you feel that you have already arrived there. Must be the edt and not the edp in this case though. Although I automatically always go for stronger, in the edp some of the floral tropicalia gets eaten up by this thick vanilla musk: in the edt there is a green sharpness along with all the vanillic flatness.

      • I will definitely agree with you on the EdP vs EdT. The EdT has a brighter quality, whereas the EdP tends to feel heavier and almost boozy. I wore the EdP and found it to be slightly oppressive and almost overpowering. The ylang ylang would seem almost sickeningly sweet in that concentration.
        Overall though, nothing really gives you that tropical and exotic feel, without the clichéd coconut notes usually omnipresent that is. Songes definitely transports one to a fabulously exotic place that is private, as opposed to touristy, and makes you feel you have left the world behind.

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