Duncan (left) performed a piece on Echo & Narcissus.



He is wearing Caron’s Narcisse Noir Extrait. Nao, the burlesque dancer standing to his right, is wearing L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Mimosa Pour Moi.


The beautiful Yukiro, from Sweden,  is wearing Sisley Eau De Campagne.

Here: ready for action backstage.



Miku Divine and Selena Monte Carlo, about to perform a hilarious skit on Chiquitita,  are seen wearing their own, pink and sweet perfume choices.


Remiko, in a dress made by his wife, is doused in Annick Goutal’s Songes


and Katy, one half of The Fig Sisters, is drenched in Gorilla Perfume’s Lady Boy.

It was a fabulous night out, and we are now in the process of recovery.



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  1. Looks a fantastic do! Glad it all went well xx

    • Just such a shame the film of it on my iPhone didn’t bloody work. It keeps happening. D needs a record of his work, and I find that I can’t concentrate on what he is doing properly while trying to capture it on camera. Either or if you know what I mean. I wish I had just watched it now instead as it was quite complicated. He is fascinating to watch.

      • jennyredhen

        sounds like a repeat performance is necessary!!
        Duncan is looking very leonine.. Costumes are fab

      • ninakane1

        I know. I often feel split that way when filming Emily’s trapeze. i’d often rather just watch.

      • I think we need to invest in tripods.

      • We will talk about this obviously, but I don’t actually know how you CAN watch her, unless there is a great big ol’ safety net under her which I presume there is. You can tell even from still photos that she is a natural; so limber and lithe and born to do it. But at the same time, your heart must be in your mouth.

  2. Do you have a hangover perfume??

  3. tonkabeany

    They all look beautiful (D spectacularly so!), I love these pictures so much, the whole thing is bewitching, even when still and silent and especially with added info to bring us the perfume dimension.

    • Thanks. I love hovering about and trying to take some (non-standard drag-queeny) pictures, especially back stage for some reason. The people involved intrigue me, and I am loving D’s transformation into this strange performance art person. It’s like a different being has been unleashed.

  4. Duncan looks divine. And the second photograph looks so intriguing. I like question marks in stories, And that is what impetuous photography does. Making up the story afterwards and wondering about the scents and how they influence the actors . Wish for a magic carpet …

    • I took a bag of perfumes with me and people chose from them. I thought it would add to the performances (it certainly added to the atmosphere of the dressing room). Duncan’s piece was quite unfathomable in a way, but the audience were certainly pulled into it, wondering what it was all about.

  5. Holly

    Yes, but what was this? I actually want to know.

    • It’s a very small event called Tokyo Closet Ball, which is held a few times a year and is basically a kind of comedy show/drag queen event, but is more interesting that the standard gay thing in that it is also for burlesque dancers – so dancing girls and a bit of cabaret – and also what anyone wants – hence ‘The Mysterious Duncan Whom’ and his dream-like art performances. I like the openness of it all, the feeling of being part of a mini-circus troupe or something. It’s like a double life.

  6. Everyone looks amazing. They all must have emitted such a splendid fragrant aura.

  7. Incredible! I love when scent meanders through a crowd and ensnares them with its sillage. It creates quite an atmosphere, especially a scent as intoxicating as Songes.

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