I have just had an extremely stressful evening, an emotional conflagration that threatened to become ghastly and overwhelming.

As I sat on the balcony, and they were downstairs, and I nursed my red wine, but put it aside, and drank some leftover rooibos tea from last night, and sprayed myself all over; emphatically; again and again, deeply breathing, behind my ears, on my chest, on my stomach, on my hair, with an organic lavender spray from California I had bought; and put some marjoram oil on my tongue and sucked on a Rescue Remedy,  I felt my heart and nervous system pounding less, could get a quite firm grip on myself, and after a time – let’s say thirty minutes or so though it might have been longer, or less, I can’t tell: I was REALLY stressed, more than I have been in a long time, almost unbearable (especially as we have this bloody party tomorrow, the ridiculous Delicate Delinquents – why the hell do I do it to myself, all these people congregating and expecting fun when I felt as if my head was about to explode) – I was able to go downstairs; but the point is I KNOW that if it hadn’t been for these plants, these oils, these essences that genuinely do calm people down, especially me, I really don’t know what would have happened tonight.

I am thankful for this, and for having embraced aromatherapy and the healing power of plants all those years ago.

Quite literally, these beautiful gifts from nature can be life savers.


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  1. Holly

    Yes, thank goodness for “these beautiful gifts.”
    Sweet dreams, Neil. I’m sure your Delicate Delinquents will be a rousing success for all.

  2. Definitely gifts created by the plants that support us in this garden spinning through space. I carry a little posey in my purse. LA traffic is quite the plague!

  3. jennyredhen

    Preparing for parties can be very stressful. Thats why people get party planners or caterers Getting food sent in or asking guests to bring a plate removes a lot of stress. It will be alright on the night.

    • I think I have written this quite ambiguously (and I will have to erase this post anyway for various reasons). The party is just nightmarishly timed. All sorts of stuff going on here.

  4. David

    I hope you are OK! Were you stressed because of the party planning? Maybe too much all at once. Too many people. I was stressed last Sunday but when I lit palo santo along with a sheet of La Rose Papier d’Armenie, I imagined all my problems burning away and then everything was ok. I am sure your party will be a great success!

  5. I hope you are doing better. I hate to hear that you are so stressed, you should always make time for yourself. All parties should be fun, but I know the planning of them can be hellish. Try to give yourself some much needed rest and relaxation.
    Be well.

    • The stress didn’t come from the party. It was something else. It was the fact that we had a party the next day but were trying to deal with a crisis the night before that was so terrible.

      As it was, the party was a big hit though. Blistering and amazing at times…You would have enjoyed it.

  6. Glad that all turned out well.

  7. I hope you, D and all your loved ones are fine. That’s all that matters. Be well. I love marjoram by the way, I have a little bottle by the bed. Lavender tends to stimulate me too much, I have to be very careful about dosage, especially at night time, otherwise can’t sleep from it

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