The Black Narcissus














Oops  :  bird in my champagne glass…



A lovely, witty tuberose that has equal proportions of fresh tea rose for balanace, Acqua Di Tuberosa, available only in minature, is a giddily cheerful, sweet summer scent, perfect for someone who veers towards the frivolous; at a garden party, glass of bubbly in hand, laughing, to a sunny, twittering backdrop of birdsong.









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7 responses to “ACQUA DI TUBEROSA by BORSARI 1840

  1. ninakane1

    Sounds a ditzy tipsy miss of a scent! What fun!

  2. I really love that little bottle. Do you happen to know if this is like one of the earliest tuberose fragrances??

    • I wonder. I know Borsari is famous for it violet perfume above all and that that one is old, but there doesn’t seem to be much information available on when their other scents were released. It could be early twentieth century though from the smell. I love the bottles as well. The miniature one I have somehow doesn’t quite suffice. I would like to SPRAY it in full.

  3. Looks and sounds absolutely wonderful. I love scents that remind me of simple, laid back bliss in my back garden on a fine day

  4. Sounds like a lovely scent. I do love soliflores when they are done well. Bottle is terribly charming also.

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