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24 responses to “TOM FORD PATCHOULI ABSOLU (2OI4)

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose


  2. Speaks volumes about the scent.

    • I love patchouli as you know, but this has that ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ that some Tom Ford fragrances have; overdoses of everything – a kind of chemical, oudhy backdrop, wallops of patchouli and god knows what else, and that kind of curdled oyster quality that the dreaded Black Orchid is saddled with. It smelled bad enough in the bottle, but when I got the spray card home and extracted it from my pocket, the above review was the only one possible.

      • The only thing I like from that whole line is Plum Japonais. Everything else just seems to become offensive to my olfactory system. I think it is pretty bad how well the line does, that speaks volumes about the moneyed consumers and their tastes.
        As far as patchouli scents go, the original L’Artisan Patchouli was delightful. Sadly it is now just a memory. The Patchouli Patch was not too bad, but not the same.

      • Ha we really do think alike. Patchouli Patch is part of that (to me, anyway) dull musky sweet ambery patchoulis that get my goat: the original L’Artisan Patchouli was f***ing divine and I wish I could get it again. The way it was so refined: earthed yet aerian; almost like an artistically rendered ‘ghost’ of patchouli that still retained its essential qualities. Sigh.

  3. bella ciao

    HAHAHA!!! a picture says more than a thousand words situation.

  4. janeykate

    Remind me not to try this!

  5. rosestrang

    Haha, great photo!
    I struggle with patchouli, and also a lot of Tom Ford perfumes as it happens, though I liked Jasmin Rouge

    With patchouli I think it’s association, two of the most irritating people I’ve ever met in my life wore heavy patchouli oil. One was a theatre director who stayed at my flat a few days during the Edinburgh festival, she was so dark and heavily intense she gave me nightmares (not unlike the image you’ve posted at the top of this post). She wore heavy bracelets which crashed against my skull when she hugged me, and liked to listen to music on my headphones till 4am. After she left, the scent of patchouli lingered for months on my headphones, tainting my enjoyment of music!

    I’m sorry to say I can’t even wear Coromandel, which I know is as good as patchouli gets, it seems that a scent we don’t like lingers longest! The only patchouli I’ve liked was Reglisse Noir by 1000 Flowers, which is paired with dark chocolate and vetiver – it reminds me of crushed grass under a tent, which in turn reminds me of childhood holidays. Also the patchouli in Cabaret by Gres, which seems to be paired with frankincense and clean rose, sort of like a village graveyard in spring. Can’t wear Portrait of a Lady either because the patchouli completely takes over

  6. I haven’t smelled this but I’d probably agree with you. I always wanted to like Tom Ford perfumes because their bottles look so classic and gorgeous. Unfortunately the Tom Ford perfumes I have tried are just overpriced chemical cocktails.
    If I wanted a patchouli perfume I’d also probably make one myself. The oil isn’t immensely expensive and it combines well with lots of other popular notes that can be purchased easily.

  7. orsetta

    #Fragrances that make you want to kill yourself

    best tag EVER

  8. Ha Ha Ha! You make me want to try it. Or GIFT it.
    Portia x

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