I wore WAY too much Kouros tonight



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31 responses to “I wore WAY too much Kouros tonight

  1. Oh god. Literally just burst out laughing when this popped into my inbox just now!

    • No, I fucked it up badly. Slathered in Kouros, plus….(and this is for a wedding party)

      I love Coconut by St Pres or whatever they are called
      My ylang ylang super perfume from Hanoi
      Yves Rocher Noix De Coco &
      Skin Trip Coconut

      and not a single other person had a scent on (just the mundane humanity of their musky skin).

      • What – no one else wearing scent at a party!? Well, just think of all the atmosphere you were bringing to it. I consider this a public service.

      • Noseriously, it is so bloody tedious. Not even the bride. No one. Not my friends who I was sitting at the table with (who smelled endearingly, but very boringly, human), nor any single guest as far as I could discern. This is the way the modern world is, scent-wise. I suppose I wore scent enough for the whole party, but I smelled ridiculous and I knew it.

      • I want to be sat next to you at my next wedding party. Tell me, what might you be wearing?

      • Well, to be honest, I loathe weddings. Especially if the bride is wearing anything frothy and meringue like. I’d have to go total subversion with vintage Tabac Blond on one wrist and Papillon’s Salome on another. A neck full of Opus IX and a few dabs of vintage Jicky behind the knees. Maybe round off the night with a L’heure Bleu comedown and a few drops of No. 19 to help me through the inevitable hangover I would wake up with from all of the champagne required to get me through the evening.

      • You sound quite the ideal.

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose


  3. lilybelle

    How boring that nobody today wears perfume, not even to a wedding. Where are all the people who blog and post on fragrance boards, the SoTD-ers? Do they only exist in cyberspace? I find it the same here. Sometimes a young girl walks by smelling of toffee scented body spray, but so few people I encounter wear scent. My mother is visiting me for a month and she wears CLOUDS of scent. Thank goodness. I should send her over to you for a visit. Hmm…idea forming, lol!

    • I do find it mind-numbing, I must agree. So goddamn dull. The visual aspect is sorted, yes; but what about the aura? Although my olfactory get-up tonight was like Carmen Miranda drowned in civet.

  4. Is that heading even a sentence? Is it a thing?
    No. I think your original premise may be flawed.
    Were you sniggering to yourself or completely embarrassed? Did anyone huff away?
    Portia xx

  5. It is completely boring that very few people wear perfume. I can remember years ago going to events when the best part for me was smelling delicious scents on most of the people. Now any time I detect a scent on someone it is something fruity and/or sweet and nothing I would ever dream of spraying on myself. I have very few friends that wear perfumes but the ones that do are like me regarding perfume.

    • You would think that at LEAST at a wedding party people might have the sensory intelligence to want to embellish themselves (rather than just smell like last night’s skin, which I find boring, not to say distasteful): but sadly the world is entirely visual, and people have no fucking olfactive intelligence any more, if they ever did.

      Ah, yes they did: transport me to ancient Rome, please.

      Ah yes they do: why don’t we just head off to the Middle East? THERE there will be perfume at a wedding, oh yes I would bank on it. GORGEOUS I should imagine. But at an international wedding in Japan, the least perfumed country on earth, with de-scented Caucasian husbands, I think not. Oh how boring.

      Still, all this is no excuse for me, who loves perfume (did you know?) not getting it right. I could have done it more subtlety and smelled divine. Instead I smelled like a perfumed sicko. I wish I could have more restraint.


  6. ninakane1

    I was at a wedding yesterday and layered on the Madonna Truth or Dare! It went well with the jars of kiddy sweets laid out for the guests’ delectation and delight – licquorice torpedos, strawberry bootlaces, milk bottles, love hearts, penny shrimps!

    • A pleasing idea, actually. I mean I am not that into weddings ( I kind of am, I kind of love the whole wedding disco thing, obviously, although you wouldn’t BELIEVE how quiet the music was in this place; it would have been ok for mosquitoes or gnats, and probably sounded loud enough to dance to, but for humans it was pathetic, I couldn’t even hear it, let alone get up and dance: it seemed that the guests were dancing to an imaginary beat)- but we like the bride, and the place was nice, even if both of us, in truth, have had gastric hell tonight, gawd; I have never seen so much puke, Mr Creosote from Duncan, and I am sitting here with IBS from hell reading all about Ken Russell. I must confess that the thought of Truth Or dare, at this juncture, only contributes to the nausea (incidentally I am considering paying an unbelievable amount of money for Tokyo Madonna tickets)

  7. rosestrang

    I love Kouros, everyone wore it in my teen clubbing days. I really like men’s perfumes from the 70s and 80s – and wish calone had never been invented. I liked Cacharel Pour Homme too. Have you ever worn Nino by Nino Cerruti? It’s discontinued now, sadly, but there are a few on Ebay sometimes. Talking off inappropriate sillage (though like folks here I’d have enjoyed your Kouros) I was at my granny’s funeral at the beginning of this year, where someone had bathed in Paco Rabanne 1 million. Her sister by contrast just smelled like she hadn’t washed in a week, and oddly their mum wore Tom Ford’s Extreme for men. I was discreet in Chanel Cristalle edt which my granny would have approved of, she used to wear L’Air de Temps, bless her. But for a wedding folks should bring out their most flamboyant perfumes!

  8. I will start off by saying how much I adore Kouros and probably would have hung on you all night like a cheap suit.
    I do find it rathe sad that not another soul there was parfumed, what is this world coming to? I just think that at such a special event there should have been a bit of an olfactory experience. I guess the food did not even provide that.
    Since I wore Femme extrait for my own wedding, I would most definitely wear something of that caliber to someone else’s wedding. Maybe a bit of Rochas Mystére or even a touch of Coco de Chanel. Something with a little body to it.
    The bride should have at least been wearing a gentle floral scent. Something innocent would have been better than nothing. How sad to miss out on an olfactory memory to last a lifetime. Whenever I smell Femme, which I adore, it reminds me of saying my vows to dearest hubby. That is the power of a fragrant memory. Too bad. But, hopefully the bride has the usual 1000+ photos of her special day to look back on. I personally prefer my fragrant memories.

    • It does seriously feel like some kind of loss to me. The lack of scent is a flatness, a black and whiteness; perfumes on people can subtly bind people together, draw them closer I think (though with the nuclear levels of my perfumed cocktail, it was probably more like the opposite). I think people are really AFRAID of perfume now (and obviously this is worse in Japan). It is just so……YAWNFUL.

  9. A long time ago, when I was a teenager unschooled in perfume, my dad wore Kouros and I HATED IT because he used to drive me to school in a cloud of freshly spritzed Kouros. But the gods smiled upon me, because one day he bought his umpteenth bottle of Kouros, spritzed it, smelled it, and promptly went to the store to demand his money back claiming “hey, this perfume has gone bad, it smells of piss!” (my dad is very much the elephant in the china room in such matters; my mom and I still erupt in laughter everytime we imagine this scene).

    Many years later I learned about Kouros’ composition and I can’t help wonder what happened with that bottle. Did they change the formula? Did my dad get a bad batch with too much civet thrown in? I have no idea, but thankfully he never wore Kouros again 😀

    • (I feel the need to clarify that perhaps today my opinion on Kouros would be different – after all, I worship MKK – but I confess I haven’t smelled it in ages)

    • This is funny, because I cannot BEAR Kouros on my dad (my brother sometimes wears it as well). But on pater, first thing in the morning, it is vile. He smells much better in other scents but I think probably on anybody with Kouros there is very much a time and a place.

  10. veritas

    Hysterical! and I love the visual…and yes, sadly, we live in a scent free world…not no one bothers to comment/complain about the overpowering scent of laundry detergent!

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