I sometimes probably give the impression that I am constantly dripping in gilded vintage parfum like the queen of Sheba. Not the case. While I do obviously adore scoping the joints and finding these delightful forgotten and forbidden creations, what I actually wear, on a daily basis, is often far more mundane. Comforting. Like my clothes – easy, relaxed; natural. On Saturday night, shopping with the D in Jiyugaoka, home of plenty an overpriced vintage (Guerlain, Rochas, Chanel) I came home instead with this pleasing, inexpensive and unthreatening creation that I found in one of those trendy, Tokyoite home furnishings store –  a scent I had never even heard of before:  Barr St Louis. Ostensibly a blend of ‘milk, vanilla, oatmeal, and vetiver’, in reality this comforting concoction comes across more as a sweetened-just-to-the-right-level cedar/fig/coconut – one of those scents you can slip on as easily and unthinkingly as a pair of jeans. As with the perfume I featured yesterday, Poudre De Riz by Huitième Art, or my beloved Noix De Coco by Yves Rocher, this is what I think of as my functional perfumery: a pleasing glow; a nice smell; an everyday sweet uplifting aura. My long forgotten Parisian treasures I keep housed and yearned for in my antique Japanese cabinets.  My simple scents get worn on the skin.


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12 responses to “BARR ST LOUIS EAU DE PARFUM

  1. Do you have any scents like this?

  2. This sounds rather interesting. I never heard of this company before, I will have to investigate. Your everyday scents seem rather comforting and extremely wearable.

    • I had never heard of them either, ‘hand crafted’ and all that, and it is no masterpiece, but I am finding it rather enjoyable. What are your own laze-around-the-house-and-don’t-think-about-it scents?

      • My laze-around-the-house fragrances are Shalimar, Youth Dew and Eau d’Elide by Diptyque for the summer months. I like scents to be super comforting and either cozy or soothing. Oriental scents are my choice for winter and the Diptyque with its lavander and bitter orange is perfect for the summer.

      • I miss those obscure Diptyques. They were so original.

  3. I have not heard of this Barr St. Louis perfumes and therefore have never tried them, although I would imagine I would like several. Recently, I have been going through a phase of splashing on all my classic Guerlains l…Shalimar, L’Heure Bleu, Samsara, Mitsouko, and yes even Jicky. There are so many new niche perfume houses that I cannot keep up–even just for samples. Perhaps that is why I have been into my Guerlain classics stage. On another completely opposite note, I am also a Neela Vermeer fan. I already own Mahur, Trayee, and Ashoka, but would love to own either Bombay Bling or Pochula (or both). Of course the ultimate would be the Mohur extrait (I only have the EdP). I can only barely afford one right now and would love your opinions on this. Pochula or Bombay Bling?I

    • I always worry about fake sandalwood in the base notes with that line (and I was never a massive Bertrand Duchaufour fan), but I was given a sample of the Mohur Extrait and could totally see the appeal. Dense, rich, with a modern integrity….

      Haven’t tried Pochula though.

  4. lilybelle

    I have a few simple scents from Bourbon French perfumery that I enjoy. Since moving back to my home state of Mississippi this summer, where it has been HOT and humid, I have been enjoying aldehydic White Linen on hot sunny days.

  5. emmawoolf

    I like the idea of laze-around-the-house scents. Something fairly pared down, to go with a T shirt and jeans perhaps (and for me, fairly minimal makeup, but never barefaced these days – the horror!). I go for something citrussy, herbal and simple at the weekend – Eau du Sud is my current low key fave, as am still clinging onto the end of summer even though proper autumn is well and truly here. Or if I want to pack more of a punch, I’ve fallen back in love with Jil Sander Woman 3. PS I read recently that Luca Turin rarely wears perfume. You probably know this, but to me it was a complete shock. How can you be a scent expert and not use it?

  6. veritas

    I rather like the sound of this one! Even the box is pleasing to my eyes.
    My “simple” scents are the ones I blend myself (although often they are far from simple with upwards of 30 plus essential oils in each concoction).
    I have also been enjoying my large samples that I purchased from Dame Perfumery. They are affordable and easily wearable on a day to day basis.

    • veritas

      Actually I realized that the box very much resembles the boxes from 1000 Flowers…they make very wearable day to day scents….Reglisse Noire, fleur no 1 (an ode to no 19 but fresher and more uplifting), Ode for Her, etc. I have every bottle from that line and I believe that you have a sample of Reglisse Noire (happens to be one of Liam’s favourites).

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