I quite like this.


But then I suppose I would.


I love (and hate, actually) the name, for a start – so imposing, so absorbed and self-centred and aware; gutsy, forthright and on the ball (and when you know that we are talking about a busty, ribald Piguet Fracas-ish affair – but less coutured, less of that ilk, more vulgar, if more vivid and contemporary – you see how this Tunisian neroli and Egyptian jasmined modern and urban furnished apartment take on the self confident tuberose could quite nicely work,  taking in self-consciously the ideas of me me me me; I will stamp myself upon you when I meet you at the party because for once I don’t smell like strawberry chemicals and bullshit, I have a bit of sass, and some pizazz, and smell quite sexy and nice)………………


But what is the name of the perfume you are wearing?






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  1. Haha, I love this little review!

  2. If it weren’t for Olfactive Studio Selfie there wouldn’t even be a competition for silliest perfume name ever. But Kiss my Name is the winner because it attempts to change a universally very well known and widely used expression. We all know what follows the order “kiss my….”

    • I hadn’t thought of that, actually.

      I also didn’t know there was a perfume called Selfie (now that really IS naff; pathetic actually).’Kiss My Name’ though, still has something a bit surreal about it that kind of appeals to me, and it also smells quite nice too which is certainly a bonus for a change. I can imagine meeting someone who WAS wearing and thinking mmmmm, a personality.

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    What intriguing pictures …
    A mirror in a mirror in a mirror and the photographer outside as dr Mabuse, putting all THE limbo on display.
    Or is it my by sleepingpill fluffied mind?
    Last one is clear and kind to sleepyheads up in THE clouds!
    What’s in a name? That’s in a name! Mmm yes, say your name again, …

  4. Neil, if I remember correctly.

    Yes, it’s all rather curious….

  5. orsetta

    ‘Kiss My Name’ is also a (fabulous) Antony and the Johnsons song and that was my first thought when i saw the title of your review – and I’m happily humming the song now 😀

    the song is from the ‘The Crying Light’ album with a striking photo on the cover of Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno – and in this way there is also a link to Japan 😀

    • Yes, Antony…..I do struggle. Kind of love him at times, when I am in the exactly right mood, but then at the majority, no – it just isn’t right at all.

      Best for me is the duet with Bjork on Volta, especially when remixed (for girls; the ModeSelektor mix – The Dull Flame Of Desire, I completely adore it)

    • ninakane1

      It’s a great song and album Orsetta! I love it!

  6. jennyredhen

    Love Antony singing “If it be thy will” on Leonard Cohen tribute album

    • Never heard that one. Quite like Les Johnsons but I really have to be in the right mood if you know what I mean. I probably like ‘the atrocities’ best.

      they are so touching, and yet too MUCH at other times, do you not feel?

      • jennyredhen

        I only like “if it be thy will” on that Leonard Cohen Tribute Album.It is quite amazing.. anything else I have heard by Antony is too weird for me

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