AND HER TINY MOUTH PUKED: : ::: : : : : : POUPEE…………………………by ROCHAS

























Poupee was a peculiar little oddity that was released and quickly disappeared by the house of Rochas in 2004.













Liking the bottle and the box one day when coming across it browsing in the cheap-end bargain bin perfume section of some Japanese supermarket, I just couldn’t help reaching into my pocket, unsmelled, and buying it (that textural, felt orange flacon cap is really quite appealing to me). I also bought another one for my friend Claire just for good measure (‘Thanks for the er…….bizarre and insane little perfume’, I think she wrote in a letter sent sometime afterwards…..’I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it’.)


Neither were most people, apparently. Failing on the US market immediately because of the name (no-one seemed to know that it signified doll, and imagined instead that it evoked something more akin to ‘droppings’ or ‘doo-doo’),   this sweet, and pink-laced little creation was a quite curious mixture of synthetic pineapple, light tuberose, and nutmegged hazelnut, a giddy little thing that never quite worked, with its confused, plasticky, sick-in-the-mouth coalescence, the vinyl doll parts of its marionettish disembodiment rather brash, and uncartilaged in its initial stages, as if the little thing had just come alive; unexpectedly;  and were jerking itself along, like some stop-capture creature from a Czech animation, but were simultaneously dreaming, irrationally and instead, that it was a  prima ballerina.






















In its sudden, blithe, dismay, on catching its eye in the paintbox mirror, it realises, however, with internal pain, that it has been broken; that it will never be fully quite realised;  that it will never amount, in fact, to very much at all.






























Granted, later on in the perfume’s development on the skin, when the ‘gardenia’ and jasmine aspects of the perfume come more into play and blend nicely with a more benzoinish underlay (this was, after all, created by Anne Flipo, she of such pleasing little summer ditties as the lovely Verte Violette and Chasse Aux Papillons for L’Artisan, again a very sweet orange blossom /tuberose floral like this one, and also of the cutely cocktaily Ananas Fizz  – the woman must obviously have a thing about pineapples), at this stage Rochas’ Poupee then becomes quite nice, breezy; even coquettish, and right now as I am wearing in on my right hand I think I am coming to think I like it (coming home tonight after a difficult week with the cold rains that have plummeted the temperatures and people’s immune systems, I felt like putting on something before bedtime that was white-floralish; un-intellectual;  cheering, even foolish……….on the other hand I also have Guy Laroche’s plum-pineapple-tastic aldehydic tuberose night perfume Clandestine, from, I think, 1986 or so- something just light hearted, colourful, and cheering to banish the workday blues), and in tandem they have given me a pleasant, olfactory boost.











Inconsequential. Odd. Quirky.



That is Poupee. An unrealised, and strange little pink little doll creature.




































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22 responses to “AND HER TINY MOUTH PUKED: : ::: : : : : : POUPEE…………………………by ROCHAS

  1. Renee Stout

    Wow, I love all of those weird images. Thanks!

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Merci M Ginzaintherain. Woke up in the middle of the night and found you in my box. Plus marvelous Chucky and ancient wooden doll images. Such a treat. Don’t think I will add her to my fragrances! She might be a real killer. Ananas assasin.

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    And afterwards I read the Rochas references! I do agree on Madame. Put her on to put hoi polloi off in a defiant mood. Or just gaze away haughtily in the interval of a Bach concerto …

  4. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Oh my god! Figure that! Mrs Doll!!

  5. orsetta

    Thank you. Loved reading it and the images are simply brilliant.

    (now will go to put on some of my vintage Femme)

  6. Robin

    Love the images. Thank you! Poupée is a cheeky little scent you’ve captured perfectly. I must try the Clandestine combo. And, as a not-so-girly girl, I sometimes like leaving the bottle out on the dressing table tray just because that orange felt fuzz and dopey-cute name can lift my spirits when things are a little gloomy and remind me that I don’t have to take things so seriously.

    • I love that someone gets exactly what I am talking about. But how can something so……nothingy and trivial be so pleasurable? Just a stupid orange cap?

      • Robin

        It’s the magic that only true fragrance lovers feel, N., even if we can’t understand it ourselves. It’s exactly IN that nothingy-ness and triviality and stupid orange cap; they — and the frivolous juice and name – exist purely for pleasure, for our amusement. I think it is so . . . French, in the same way they must have their amuse-bouches. Poupée as amuse-nez?

  7. I love it when you write crazy shit that makes absolute sense. It’s like we are tripping together and looking through magazines, sharing the pics that we love but they’ve become creepy though the acid.
    Portia xxx

    • Thanks, love (incidentally I am making my ‘debut’ on Saturday night, as Burning Bush….)

      As for this odd number, well yes. You know I was about to go to bed, about to switch the light off on Friday night and had just put on some Poupee when the expression ‘and her tiny mouth puked’ came to me all of a sudden and I rushed to the computer. Duncan was asleep and I just wrote it and amused myself putting the pictures up.

      And then I slept like a baby.

      • HA HA HA Burning Bush! So fabulously biblical, the men wore dresses then too. My only advice is COMFORTABLE SHOES! Get the hooker shoes with the plastic molded base, they are by far the easiest to wear.
        Have fun.
        Portia xxx

  8. Zubeyde Erdem

    When I read this post I was in train heading to my home. I felt that I was lucky,at least I was not alone when I saw that pictures. Weird,pretty scary ness….beyond this post,I smelled N’s ??!?? anger??? harshness???

  9. veritas

    utterly scary…but intriguing nonetheless…..

    • Scary? I don’t get it. This just took me back to something that made me laugh.

      • veritas

        The dolls….I don’t know why but they give me the creeps….I must be watching too many horror flicks with the hubby!
        btw, I am wearing that gorgeous vintage Chloe perfume today….I must say that I smell extraordinary! Thank you, my friend!

  10. Reblogged this on The Black Narcissus and commented:

    It’s a dark rainy day so indulge me

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