You know I think this is actually starting to suit me.


I just bought a cheap vintage parfum as just an adjunct to my Chanel collection and woof….it smells kind of fabulous.

The Black Narcissus













Coco, always Chanel’s most exuberant and joyful creation, to me exudes a conspicuous air of eighties consumption. Blazing gold jewellery and glinting, multifaceted jewels, this woman knowingly struts her real or imaginary red carpet no matter the weather – transforming grey, mundane realities with a brush of the colourful high life.





Though she is loud and a little persistent, this fruity Miss, you still can’t help somehow inhaling, with rich pleasure, her dense, baroque carnival of odorous riches; her compressed, spiced, fusillades of peach, coriander, orange blossom, Spice Island clove; Indian jasmine, mimosa; the heart of Bulgarian rose over an effortlessly shoulder-wrapping base accord of sandalwood, amber, patchouli, leather, and chocolate: a complex, sweet…

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3 responses to “SHE’S ALL THAT: : : COCO by CHANEL (1984)

  1. Renee Stout

    As much as I want to like Coco. It has never clicked for me. I keep a small bottle of vintage parfum and will try it once in a while, but there is a note in it that turns me off and I always end up scrubbing it off so I can put on something else. It’s the only one of the Chanels that I feel that way about. (sigh). Hmmm, you mentioned leather and chocolate notes and maybe that’s the problem for me, because while I love leather notes, the thought of leather with chocolate doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve always felt that Coco had too much going on.

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