“You could smell her tuberose from the stage”,

my cousin said, speaking of Madonna.


Somehow he always manages to get the very best seats to her concerts, and she apparently wears so much tuberose (either Fracas or Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion) that as she grinds and sweats and hurls herself around, powder and tubereuse arise from her and emanate out into the audience: a tangible, tantalising perfume. You can smell me, but you’ll never touch me.


A huge Bowie fan, like many current pop stars who were influenced by him greatly in their youth, she sang ‘Rebel Rebel’ the other night in Houston, Texas – bowing down in tribute before a huge screen of Ziggy Stardust. I’d love to have been there.


But Madonna is coming to Tokyo soon as well. We’re going to go and see the show on Valentine’s Day, although the top-priced tickets, at five hundred dollars by the stage, are, unfortunately, out of reach.


I suppose I’ll just have to imagine the tuberose.






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8 responses to “SIX TUBEROSES

  1. A very enjoyable little post and a good way to end my evening.

  2. You’ll have to supply the tuberose yourself…

  3. Or go soaked in Fracas yourself …

  4. Zubeyde erdem

    Hi there,
    I just wondered ” do i have any right to put in you pressure for your next , deeply expected /wondered post as an obsessive reader ? Or should I just be in silence and keep going solving sudoku every night when I’m coming home ? ??”
    Ps: I guess too many readers of this blog having same impatient feeling like me. It doesn’t matter if I’m the ” urusai” one. Pls, play it again Sam…

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