The taunts! The torture! Just when I am lamenting not having more of my beloved Loulou, she goes and finds, from our secret pharmacy a Londres, not only a vintage body lotion but a tassled, and apparently ‘DIVINE‘ smelling vintage PARFUM.



And then sends me a picture.




I can feel my veins and chest muscles constricting in jealousy.













But perhaps I am just getting a well-deserved taste of my own, cruel medicine.




Is this how you feel when I gloat over mine?


Filed under 'Orientals', Flowers

10 responses to “OLIVIA IS TRYING TO KILL ME

  1. Katy

    Well, maybe a little.

  2. Haha, you two gave me a laugh! Death by Loulou!

  3. somethingsknitting

    I want that Loulou!

  4. Bee

    Yes – totally envious of your vintage finds and it hurts! And is that Loulou Blue on the left hand side? Grrrrrr…….

  5. That evil temptress. Oh, how much I covet that parfum. I have been wanting a Lou Lou parfum for years. Lucky Olivia.

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