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  1. Still photo courtesy of Aleksandr Sasha Drozd, mid-film in Asagaya on Saturday night.

    Lord we are having fun at the moment!



  3. ninakane1

    Love the wig! Great shot! Looks a fun film to make. Enjoy. re Trump – Trump by name, trump by nature – that’s all I have to say on the asshole!

    • Just loving the chaos of rushing from seeing Carol in Ginza to going to Asagaya for the alley scenes carrying a suitcase whose contents I had no idea of and being shouted at for being late and having ten minutes to strip off, slap on some slap and be ready in costume as the ‘mute lowlife’ ( though I think that Sasha, a professional Ukranian photographer makes me look more Antonioni Zabriskie Point protester here).

      It is all hilarious!

      ( but Donald Trump is not, ultimately: and if you don’t get Nina’s allusion, U.S readers, ‘trump’ means FART in British English.

      Really! Literally President Arsehole!

      • ninakane1

        I can’t get too worried about Trump at the moment because the political shit going down in the UK is terrifying; it just doesn’t get the coverage the American elections do. I’m dreading the prospect of Britain leaving the EU.

      • It’s funny you should mention it: I can’t even READ articles about it as it upsets me so much. Regarding that issue ( so HUGE ) I am a total ostrich.

      • The world had shifted hideously. It’s crass toupees, or vile ISIS, or whatever else gets served up on a daily basis. Things have become way too black and white.

      • ninakane1

        Most certainly has!

  4. Tuskanny

    Dear, dear, this picture is beautiful and so are you, ( your hand holding this cigarette ) as you very often are on the pictures of your blog, you have a very baroque visual conception of a demonstrating sixties hippie. God I wish I was there, you sure look like you’re having great fun ! And I too feel very sorry for this country I like so very much… but not really afraid, no.

    • Well after filming yesterday we had dinner with that day’s assembly of people ( mainly very erudite liberal Anerican ex pats and they were all very sanguine and optimistic, as the purest idealists often ( tragically ) are.

      I have a different kind of instinct though and think it is really possible. Unless of course you mean that you HOPE he wins and think he will do a good job ( part of me does admire him in a Madonna Ciccone sheer ambition and mind over matter type way; the irreverent, camp side of me does find him hilarious, snd utterly RIDICULOUS, and how stupd ARE all these hicks anyway). Get ready for a redneck nation from hell. I think personally that Nostradamus’s predictions will come true, and that the Donald is the comb- over satan in question.

  5. Stunning photo of you, Neil.

    I am so scared of what’s happening in the Sates. How can we wake up in a world where he is president?

    • No Tara on Saturday it was lovely to be assembled with some knowledgeable, intelligent people from that actual country bearing statistics and hope, but my lefter fruends are total dreamers. They don’t UNDERSTAND those potential photos. I know it sounds ridiculous but I instinctively do. I have that Cassandran intuition.

      And thanks, it IS a good picture, and makes you understand why the ‘stars’ need professional photographers. This doesn’t look look like the real Neil at all.

  6. It is even more scary to be in the US and forced to realize that large numbers of your fellow citizens are voting for him. Because, uh, the last time a 1st world nation elected a messianic leader and was swept up in nationalist frenzy, it didn’t go well.
    Anyone whose appeal is in inverse proportion to the voter’s education level is potentially dangerous. With Trump, the further appeal to white supremacists should be a warning. All I can say, Neil, is that I too think it would be disastrous if he were elected, and while I think it is less likely than not that he will ultimately be elected, it is profoundly depressing that he’s gotten this far. The uneducated, angry, bitter, racist, misogynist, disaffected white people are speaking and I didn’t realize how many of them we had.

      • And what was all that horseshit about Vladimir Lutin and Saddam Hussein? He has so seduced and blinded people that he can say virtually anything and it go unnoticed and unpunished.

        As The Man himself said, he could start shooting people on fifth avenue and they would still vote for him.

        HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT and got away with it. So it is like Hitler: they are MESMERIZED.

        Personally I think it is repressed ( profound; intense ) racism. People of a certain type ultimately, deep in their marrow, were horrified that a black man, what used to be a slave, was elected president.

        And this is their white hot molten rage: riding up insidiously from their lava- filled ( and barbecue steak- filled) innards.

      • I’m afraid that you are right. We are seeing the rise of bitter old white guys who can’t believe that the world doesn’t belong to them any more. Not so much anti-a particular race as anti-other, anti-anybody who wouldn’t have lived in their grandfather’s neighborhood. And their mates are in it with them, with no realization that anti-woman sentiments are a big part of this picture.
        As far as Trump’s praise of Putin and the stuff about Hussain, well, they are three of a kind, aren’t they?

      • And nobody sees the irony….

    • salmack1

      Amen! You absolutely nailed it. I have always said that what worries me more than the prospect of Trump running for President is the number of people supporting him. If nothing else it gives a clear undeniable picture of just how many racist bigots there are here – a frightening statistic in and of itself.

      • Although they exist everywhere, in every country. It is part of human nature I think. Every day I experience it in Japan when people won’t sit next to you on the bus. I feel like Rosa Parks.

  7. Shouldn’t the title of this post be “American Nightmare”? Perhaps in one of the myriad Republican debates (really, do we need so many soundbite commercial rallies) Trump will explode in an apoplectic fit.

    • I heard there was something about the IRS. I hope that those she-devils Rubio and Cruz are turfing something up in that regard and that then those two shall also implode from within. Unless God truly is on their side.

      • I consider Cruz every bit as bad as Trump, just (very superficially) a bit better behaved. But equally sanctimonious, angry, and mean.
        What a year.

      • No he really is worse. Part of me LIKES Trump. As you would a clown. I am astounded by him, amazed at the whole truth of the idea that if you believe in yourself a lot you can do anything. He is embodying it right now. It horrifies me, but part of me also wants to clap him on the back.

        Cruz is just cold evil masquerading as morality.

  8. Love the photo Neil, so very art-house.
    As far as the debacle that is the presidential race, well, it all leaves me horrified. Truly horrified. The thought that Trump could become president leaves me feeling a sickness deep in my soul, not to mention my father in law voted for him. I just feel it shows the world how terribly sad the state of affairs is in the USA, the fact that literally an angry, hate filled monster could end up as our leader. It speaks volumes about the true undercurrent of society here, as we know it. It is just truly terrifying.

  9. I am noting the wins for Trump as they roll in tonight. The comforting lie that this is a tiny fraction of our population is bleeding to death. I don’t know what to say except “Yech.”

    • I never believed it WAS a tiny proportion of Americans. And I fully understand why they are voting for him.People need something simple and exciting. And I worry that Hillary doesn’t provide that.

      If he gets into power…..

      • I really believed that, whatever some of the bitter old white guys thought, they had some shame about it. Evidently not.
        I still hope that enough people realize that this man is a threat to their own rights as citizens that he will be defeated in a general election, although he will certainly be the candidate, barring drastic remedies by the party hierarchy, which I doubt they can muster.
        I just want to say to this ravening mob of my fellow citizens: “You’re Americans. So act like it.”

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