film-making on a sunday



quick uncut snip from our horror film: this is the Heian death curse




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4 responses to “film-making on a sunday

  1. tonkabeany

    looks exquisite

    • Thanks H. Yes, this scene kind of was. Duncan is extremely good at finding locations as he just seems to know everyone these days :this was shot at this rich American’s very Japanese house in Kitakamakura, and we dressed the actors in real old kimonos etc.

      Most of the film though is just deliberately low grade trash. It should at the very least get a few laughs. My character is utterly grotesque, the most awful in the whole film. You should have seen me smoking on a swing while eating fried eggs from a handbag yesterday.

    • I really like this one as well. We had a limited time available at this guy’s house and were thinking about filming this scene in his garden. But then I remembered the entrance we had walked past earlier and this rocky pool seemed perfect. It is a very interesting and enlightening experience being involved in a film. I would like to do it again.

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