Off-white lipid tuberoses float in musked, Italian water: looming, moonstruck flowers that exhale blushlessly with a pure and florally animal sexuality – full, rude skinned smells to make the introspective, the loveless, and the anaphrodisically affected white floral hater shudder.



But for hot and uninhibited lovers of the flesh, these beautifully erotic flowers, aided and abetted and then captured in rich alcoholic liquid by those Florentine magicians of the monastery (their chastity very much in doubt as the fumes of this tuberosa rise up from the flacon) coalesce beautifully to produce an unfettered and uncensored perfume that is mesmerizing: rich, sweet, natural and heavy;  langid and dripping, like barely sated bodies in blissfully semi-conscious repose.


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10 responses to “NINE AND A HALF WEEKS: : : : TUBEROSA by SANTA MARIA NOVELLA (1939)

  1. I’m no prude, but it’s the camphorous note emphasized in some tuberose compositions that makes me shudder. Am I beyond hope, Neil?

  2. I have been curious about this one…now I must try it.

    • Although other reviews I have read, which talk of politeness and office friendliness, have made me question my smell sanity. However, in a Japanese context, and in the bottle I smelled, I do remember this being extraordinary fleshy and heady. Let me know what you think, ti prego.

  3. Lilybelle

    I don’t know this one. I loved SMN mughetta. I would so love to visit this place.

    • Me too. The horrific irony is that I was once there, in the piazza in Florence, with my friend not knowing that I was right by it. Had I walked 50 metres ahead I could have gone in!

  4. emmawoolf

    Were you with me? The irony is that I lived in Florence for a whole year and never entered the place. Macche?

  5. Doris

    May I know how long does it last on u?

    • I don’t wear it – I could never pull this one off successfully, but the time I wore it on skin to try it out it lasted quite a long time in a musky kind of way – Santa Maria Novella perfumes usually do.

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