A rose, by my mate Keith








I am very conscious of the fact that you will be conscious of the fact that I am not writing. My well has run dry. I have nothing to say. I am exhausted and work has taken over (please forgive me), but I suppose that it was inevitable. I had four weeks off for spring, which was sheer bliss, and before that, right back until November, I had no morning classes and a much lighter schedule, and so so much more time to wake up and plough my instincts, when words rise up and I cannot stop them there are so many things that I am bursting out to say.  Right now there are NO WORDS. I am severed.  I wake up and I can’t write. All the teaching has just cut off my cortex and inspiration.



Lo siento.



Anyway, my friend put up this divine looking rose on Facebook tonight and I stole it immediately. It looks so wet, and so dewy, and so fragrant, that I just want to plunge my parched face and mind into its petals and inhale its sweet fragrance. I may not wear rose perfumes any more, but I still don’t think that there is anything quite like a natural, breathing, magnificent rose such as this.


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29 responses to “A rose, by my mate Keith

  1. Such a beautiful photo. I can almost smell it! Thanks for sharing. x

  2. Such a luscious looking flower, one can see why she is the queen of them all.

  3. It’s a gorgeous photo — thanks for sharing it! And honestly, I will look forward to your renewed writing once you FEEL renewed, but I enjoy your re-posts of past blog posts too, as I just started following The Black Narcissus within the last year. Happy renewal to you!

  4. No lo siento needed. Creative batteries need periodic recharging. I’ve been amazed that your output generally is as stable as it is, considering the nature of your work and the nature of your writing.

    Keith’s rose is exquisite. Thanks!

    • And thanks for this. I agree, though: sometimes the creativity has to percolate a bit. Forcing a piece would be no good – it would be obvious.

      • And it would be a drag for you. Wouldn’t want to discourage you from keeping it up (you brighten my week, I know that, and you’ve got lots of other rabid fans): but only when you really feel like it.

  5. Lilybelle

    Everybody needs some down time. You don’t owe anyone explanations. I love that rose. The roses we planted several weeks ago are blooming – but the blooms are shortlived, flower out in a day, and turn quickly, looking a little like something left in the bottom of the vegetable bin. Well, maybe not quite that bad. think it must be the Mississippi climate.

    The confederate jasmine, on the other hand, is blooming like mad. We planted it before we realized we already had two large shrubs of it planted around the mailbox and the AC unit. They hadn’t bloomed yet when we planted the new ones. They smell nothing like real jasmine, but the little white star flowers LOOK like jasmine. A warning: if you are looking for the fragrance of true jasmine don’t plant confederate jasmine. That said, they do have a strong fragrance, especially as the flowers ripen. The bees and other insects love them. My husband says it smells like vanilla, but I think it smells more banana like. Or, like bubblegum plus a slight rubbery note. It’s pleasant but odd.

    I also potted a citronella plant to help repel mosquitoes. It’s taking off like a weed. Just brush the leaves lightly and you get a strong citronella scent, which is so much nicer fresh and alive than the bottled stuff.

    A rainy Tuesday here. I am substitute teaching in a local high school. It’s the last week of school before the summer break. They are all bouncing off the walls. 😀

    • Lilybelle

      Wearing Hermès Amazone.

    • Summer break already? How long do they have off?

      Love the sound of all your flowers and I am especially intrigued by the citronella: I have never smelled the live plant, but I can imagine how it might be. I love lemongrass as a herb but can’t stand the essential oil because it becomes so rough and pungent. Is the citronella much more delicate?

      • Lilybelle

        The live citronella just smells fresher, greener and more alive than the concentrated oil form. It’s still pungent but much more pleasant. You should look for some. It grows like a weed. Nor fiddly at all.

        The schools close early in the deep South but they go back in August. It’s always been that way here.

      • Since New Orleans you know I have a real thing for the Deep South now. We both want to go back and spend one summer there. Perhaps we could even meet up. I am craving Creole food again as well. My god that lobster bisque….

  6. Lilybelle

    Other scented things carrying on the breeze lately: The magnolias are blooming (magnolia grandiflora, the big white ones) and that is one of my favorite scents. Just gorgeous. And the invasive privet running wild, which has a sweet and slightly spicy scent. 🙂

  7. veritas

    Nice photo….I am finally able to get into your blog after weeks of trying with the screen saying “this site cannot be displayed”…..most definitely, recharge your batteries…something I have been doing a lot of lately….as well as draining all of the lovely sample vials of vintage you gifted me several years ago…no more saving…life is too short and I need to enjoy my liquid lovelies now!

    • veritas

      Given the lack of response and the continued difficulty in getting into your blog perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something….

      • Have I failed to reply to you replies? I am aware that sometimes that happens but never intentionally, B. You were my earliest champion!

      • veritas

        So true and still your champion….if I could only get in to the blog in an easier fashion! Nonetheless, the work is winding down and I will be sans computer for three months as of next month…..will pop in when I can!

      • I hope so. I am a total computer moron, so I am no use in advising on why you couldn’t get into the blog.I think Brielle had the same problem and then had to change her name or something.

  8. would a shot of Floris WHITE ROSE help, maybe?

  9. New admirer. Intentionally and poetically, you place empty spaces between paragraphs. Now, you could, if you wish, hit “Enter”, sit back, and enjoy your blank, for now. I will just prowl through the antique files, for now. Empty your glass and may you find something new and exciting!

  10. It is a gorgeous photo of a perfectly beautiful rose. Whatever you can write would be 99% better than most stuff out there. You are a true artist (which is probably the reason you cannot write at the moment).

  11. orchidpeony

    Indeed fragrances are merely a string to connect your life stories, and to ours. Somehow, I feel that you are afraid to disappoint… though I can be North-South-Polely wrong. Nevertheless, certain temporary detachment may benefit us all. The empty space in Asian ink painting, is purposeful… a room to breath, to imagine… perhaps more important than the inked areas.

    Maybe you are having a “Mono No Aware” moment in life. Sigh, if you wish… or shout “Beauuuutyyyy.” on the top of a Tuscan hill, ending with a uncontrollable urge to kiss! 🙂

    Accidentally I came across the thread about three genders, and naively presumed fragrances for men, for women, and unisex. Oh boy, was I in for a big surprise… tense as if I could hear a pin drop! With all the intelligence and power, we are, after all, emotional beings. For that, thus I am touched and admire, therefore I am.

    Wish you a sunny day! Go out and play!

  12. Keith

    Now let’s see if I can post a comment this time (have tried and failed before). Not angry at all about ‘nicking’ of photo…would not have put it on Facebook if I could not abide the possibility of its being ‘borrowed’…and I am a slut for praise of any sort, especially of whatever little creative sense I have…and I adore the Black Narcissus…and I would be just as quick to nick (and perhaps not so noble as to mention it)…and, well, I think we have entered a time when images are both cheapened by their availability and ubiquity but we are perhaps liberated, a tiny bit, by their having become something ‘shared’…and that is my spider’s-silk-on-the-wind thought of the moment.

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