GREEN DAY: What is cool and refreshing on a hot afternoon? (starring OMBRE HYACINTH by TOM FORD, from the JARDIN NOIR COLLECTION (2012))


I can’t deal with the world right now. I can’t write, either.



I can only delve back, on The Black Narcissus, into more dreamy, sylvan mind scapes.



Source: GREEN DAY: What is cool and refreshing on a hot afternoon? (starring OMBRE HYACINTH by TOM FORD, from the JARDIN NOIR COLLECTION (2012))


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16 responses to “GREEN DAY: What is cool and refreshing on a hot afternoon? (starring OMBRE HYACINTH by TOM FORD, from the JARDIN NOIR COLLECTION (2012))

  1. Sometimes it helps to write our feelings, even if it really doesn’t help anything in the long run.

    • Of course – you know me by now. That is what I usually can’t stop myself doing. But the world is just so fucked that I am temporarily unable to create or even think clearly. It is like there is a new shock every single week, and that is just the punctuated horrors within the general soup of shit. Excuse my French.

  2. It’s okay. Feel for you. Happens to all of us. I’ll just access that link and read and enjoy. Hope you find some soothing things to contemplate yourself. ❤

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Lieve zwarte narcissus (in dutch dear black narcissus)
    Thank God you are no Atlas. That does not become a flower! And you are black. For a reason and for no reason at all. You will keep for another season. After all, you are a bulb!
    I send you the budding kamperfoelie/chevrefeuille/ english ? next to my door when it opens up to the senses in the late evening …

  4. The world is in such a chaotic state. I can understand how difficult it must be to bring something forth in times such as these. Hopefully the muse will be with you again soon and you will be back to writing everything down. It is truly cathartic to write things down and release them to the universe. Do hope that all will be well again soon, even though the world may take longer to right itself.

    • Thanks Brielle. But if I did write things down, it would be expletive filled fury at this time, and some readers hate that. They want me all flowery and poetic. I will return, but right now my filament is busted.

      • Take your time and allow yourself to just be. We will all be here waiting patiently. Personally, I would read whatever you write, but others may not. I do understand the dilemma you face; write what you are truly feeling or be PC.

      • PC……..ooh you are fuelling my fires perfectly!!!!! I am completely furious about that as well at the moment….that being basically of a particular political persuasion I thereby have to agree with every little liberal point there is and it drives me utterly crazy. Basically I am slightly self imploding at the moment, hence

  5. Must feel good to be able to sing like that.

    • You’re joking. I wouldn’t have put it up as I am very aware of the shortcomings, VERY – but I did like how it looked. This was last Saturday’s crazed attempt at escaping from reality.

  6. HUG.
    We are still here loving you even though the world has gone mad.
    Portia xx

  7. David

    I would welcome an explosively angry post….Sometimes commentators on perfume blogs are so prissy. They can’t take doses of reality. They need to go live in their Kinfolk world (do you know that magazine? I read it to get a big laugh).

    • I am with you completely (and have seen that magazine and it terrified me: should I invest). It’s just that when I get explosively angry it is kind of bile ridden and vile. I am always embarrassed of it afterwards, even if I meant every word of it at the time. Olivia and I have exchanged the most extreme emails.

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