2016 so far











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11 responses to “2016 so far

  1. That’s a helluvan alter ego. Gorgeous.

  2. emmawoolf

    Beautiful. (Are those eyelashes real?)

  3. Let’s all love our perfumes, privately. A sanctuary, that world, in these times.

  4. At least you are able to love your perfumes, I usually just don’t bother anymore. This world is just too horrifyingly screwed up to be believed, it really is. I understand what you are saying, how it can just take everything out of you like a punch to the gut. I guess we can all only hope for things to somehow right themselves. I do hope you will feel like yourself again soon and be able to write some more of your beautiful expressions on fragrance and all things beautiful. I know it may be awhile, but you will feel the muse tug at your heart again. Just keep loving your scents, beautiful philtres in a not so beautiful world

    • It has really been depressing recently, hasn’t it? And yet, for selfish reasons I will have to FORCE out something writing-wise soon as my soul gets clogged otherwise. I need to write to feel clear and not bogged down. It really frustrates me. When you say you just don’t bother, do you mean not even wearing anything – just keeping all those treasures locked up, or can’t be bothered to think about perfume generally?

      • I guess both. I really have to force myself to wear fragrance and just overall I can’t be bothered thinking about it. The world has such bad juju going on in it right now, I think it is causing some sort of cosmic block to my whole phsyche. Hopefully the veil will lift for me, as I hope it does for you, and things could be a bit more normal. But, in light of what transpired in Nice today, I think it will be awhile till I feel like fragrancing myself. I do hope you will feel better soon also, these are troubling times.

  5. Me too. Sending you a bit of ❤

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