Shalimar eau de toilette; vintage Vetiver de  Guerlain in cologne, and natural vetiver oil.


Earthy; warm, sensuous, enveloping. My kind of scent for a Saturday night birthday out in Tokyo ( a rabbit themed, moon viewing ‘Moon Bunny’ shindig at the Lapin Usagi hidden away joint down Omotesando for Duncan’s birthday).


His own scent of the night: Brosseau’s saline sweet, dandyishly enigmatic Violette Menthe: a strange little perfume that leaves room for illusion.



God knows what this taxi driver must make of these rich, luxurious fumes though






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6 responses to “SOTN

  1. ninakane1

    Sounds fab! Have a great weekend x

    • If only my ears weren’t so fucked…. I am waiting outside while they dance, negating the inner hedonist….still fun though, and the birthday boy looks happy, which is the most important thing

  2. Sounds like a great blend of fumes to me! Have fun!

  3. Mmmm. No vetiver oil kicking around, but tried Shalimar EdT and Guerlain Vetiver together for more of a SOTMorning vibe, and they play very well together. I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks, Neil.

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