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20 responses to “L E T IT N O T H APPE N

  1. Oh readers forgive me. I could not help myself.

  2. I hope the hell it doesn’t happen. I still cannot believe he is the Republican nominee. He is a dangerous maniac idiot.

  3. It won’t happen, thank god. Nate Silver (who’s NEVER wrong. Never.) has HRC winning by upwards of 81%. But it’s nail-biting here in the USA. Ugh.

    • It’s nail biting just being a disenfranchised Brit in Japan as well as his winning would affect all of us. It has been amusing in a way, but also profoundly shocking (and embarrassing).

  4. Ariane

    I share your fear. Trump’s followers are rabidly fanatic; Hillary seems to have grudging, tepid support. Will it be another Brexit? It would be a colossal catastrophe were he to win!
    P.S. I am wearing vintage Infini, recommended by you, and adore it.

  5. jennyredhen

    america needs to have a long hard look at all its systems which have lead to so many people feeling so alienated that they would believe in this monster.. also Hilary Clinton needs to have a long hard look at herself to figure out why so many people prefer him to her. American political system needs to change as well. Is big change coming??? looking forward to the third debate… haha

  6. Renee Stout

    I’ll be so glad when this election is over, but this is only the beginning of all of the problems in this country that need to be identified and fixed. At least this election brought so much to light that people can no longer ignore or deny…the entire system is broken and the country does need to take a long, hard look at itself. Anytime someone like him makes it this close to the presidency, you know there is something wrong.

  7. OnWingsofSaffron

    I am truly speechless at which point the US has arrived. No the world has arrived!! I am afraid we will have this madness more and more in the future. In the UK Brexit has already happened; in Hungary Orbán is reigning supreme; in Poland, in the Czech Republik, in Slovakia, in Turkey similar situation; I won’t even mention Russia. In the NL Wim Wilders is on the loose; in France Le Pen; in my country, Germany, the AfD. In the Philippines well, we all know that. Have people forgotten what fascism, nazism etc resulted in?
    Indeed: please don’t let it happen.

  8. Laurels

    I keep hearing that he can’t possibly win, but I live in a state that elected Arnold Schwartzenegger governor–TWICE. We need to make some serious changes. Renee is absolutely right.

  9. This whole thing is so horrible and twist that a few weeks back, when they were “tied” in the polls, I came very close to having anxiety attacks triggered by election news and just thinking about what it could be.

    Now I’m more worried that the damages made cannot be unmade, in that there is now a whole group of people in the US and all over the world (yes, would you believe that even in my country there people supporting Trump) who have been permanently brainwashed into thinking that the election is rigged.

    It’s exactly like a doomsday cult, but with Twitter instead of Kool-Aid.

  10. This whole thing leaves me so anxious, that I am unable to comprehend how a buffoon such as he has come so far. It speaks volumes about who Americans really are in a broad sense. Disenfranchised or not, the man is a lunatic and his followers are even crazier than he is.

  11. This is what I go to sleep at night thinking about and wake up in the morning thinking about. The thought of Trump winning is causing me so much anxiety I can hardly stand it. I know that Nate Silver has very reassuring odds for HRC, but we still need to get out and vote for her!! I won’t breathe easy until it’s over.

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