Sometimes I feel guilty on this blog that I don’t include more oudhs, more woods, more dense, urban, dry and acrid perfumes: that I stick more relentlessly to the flowers, the ethereal, the delicious or poetic rather than reviewing the endless stream of acerbically sleek concoctions that dot the perfume landscape.


Ideally, I would like to be writing about a whole smorgasbord of perfume types on The Black Narcissus (and if you peruse the entirety of the writing here you will definitely find quite a wide selection of different scents, I believe) but still……..why is it that I can’t engage with sleek and trending creations like Byredo’s Black Saffron? Why have I seemingly given up on including nose searing oudhs and sharp, lab-driven incense, on the barrier that I feel that many a wood-driven perfume erects between the wearer and (in my case) the unwilling smeller?


I think the answer is probably simple.


Because I hate them.




My original review:  KASHMIRI TEAK: BLACK SAFFRON by BYREDO (2012)


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7 responses to “KASHMIRI TEAK: BLACK SAFFRON by BYREDO (2012)

  1. Hahaha…I love your “to the point” comments! Just keep telling it like it is or at least how you feel.

  2. Oh…and please do not ever feel guilty about what you post or think you should post on this blog. You have give countless numbers of your blog followers great information, great perfumes to contemplate, your unadulterated opinions of said perfumes (and other pertinent things in life), plus among all the truths, a lot of great laughs. Keep them coming!

  3. Nancysg

    The reasons I read your blog are far more varied than to find the latest trendy perfume releases. You bring knowledge that expands my appreciation of perfume and of the vast range of life experiences we can share. March on! Please!

  4. Please, please stick to the ones that move you, the delicate, the poetic, the ethereal! I love florals and I like to read your reviews that aren’t following the madding crowd, chasing all the latest ouds. You’re more than a nose, you’re a writer. And great writing doesn’t come from chasing fashion.

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