I am scared and full of foreboding.

Yes, he would be a ‘change’.

But this man is also a greedy, crude, amoral, megalomaniac narcissist.

He is dangerous. And disgusting.

And he could lead us to World War III.

Please don’t let this nightmare come to fruition.


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  1. Actually, this is quite an insult to pigs. Sorry.

  2. RVB

    Yes the long drawn out nightmare here is hopefully over soon….but we wait with utter dread.. As a result I’m marinating myself in the liturgical goodness of Unum LAVS

  3. I am going to wake up Wednesday morning to our first woman President. I just cannot believe that a country that elected my favorite president ever, for two terms would vote for this scumsucking dick. It is going to be okay Neil.

  4. What an excellent blog post! I agree with every word!

  5. I think calling him a pig is an insult to the pigs. He is a despicable person and I would NEVER vote for him. Hillary is who I am voting for. My perfume tomorrow will be Byredo’s “Rose in No Man’s Land” in honor of the Rose among the Thorn.

  6. My best Japanese friend just mailed me and said in English: “I’m so scared that red-faced moronic asshole might lead the world to hell’. The fear is universal.

    • And there really is no point in beating about the bush. This creature really DOES need this language. No politician has EVER elicited such a response in recent memory. I mean I remember when Bush won, and I was really gutted; REALLY gutted, because I thought he was so dumb and just ill suited, but it wasn’t like this: you could at least imagine he was a politician (because he actually already was). And then when Romney was pitted against Obama in 2012 I was SO glad when he was defeated. But even though I disliked his aura and policies, I didn’t have this total hatred of the idea of him in power. Trump, though, is just SO ill suited it defies belief. We are living in Cartoonworld.

      • Renee Stout

        You have expressed the same feelings I’ve had through all of those election cycles, including this one. I can’t even wrap my brain around anyone thinking that Donald Trump has the intelligence and temperament to be president. It really does show how we have always dropped the ball on education and how and how much there is a lack of critical thinking skills when it comes to a large percentage of the American population. It’s a sad situation, but at least this has been brought to light, so the the world can see it and stop placing the U.S. on a pedestal. We have a sickness we need to deal with before we keep trying to sell the world our brand of “democracy”.

      • Most definitely. As I have said, of course the man’s ‘policies’, which I don’t even believe he necessarily even believes himself, because all he cares about is his own power and how to get it so he will do absolutely anything to that end, so much as his character. It is the fact that people can’t see through that I find so utterly stupefying. He is so plainly and transparently an angry toddler in terms of psychological development, lashing out to get his revenge, caring only about his own aggrandisement, that it mystifies me how anyone could think he has anything even remotely presidential about him. I mean, if another candidate, say Ted Cruz, had come with the build a wall idea, in some ways it would have been even more terrifying and convincing because he would have had some gravitas behind him (I detest him just as much, if not more, but he does have some ‘statesman’ like qualities that Trump just never possibly could), but all you have to do is look at Donald’s facial expressions with the sound turned off and if you have a brain, which most people clearly don’t, see immediately what kind of person he is. It is all just a very ugly charade.

      • That’s the key…hatred. He is full of hate and I hate him. I hated him years ago before I ever even thought he might be a presidential candidate. Despicable Donald.

      • He represents all the worst ‘values’ I can think of. Strangely, I don’t actually ‘HATE’ him as such as I don’t even entirely believe he is real. It is hard to express. I feel no substance to him, so it is very hard to hate him. It would be like loathing a hologram. Someone like that fool from hell Sarah Palin is more detestable because she seems more solid and has the strength of her loathsome, stupid convictions. But she appears like a three dimensional, real human being. Trump just seems like a cartoon character to me. The frump of its lips, the faux-seriousness of its frown, it is just ludicrous.

  7. Katy

    I make it a rule to never vote for anyone endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party. I’m voting for Hillary.

    • I know: endorsed by the KKK…….words fail. Such misguided idiots in those stupid eye hole cones. Rather than ranting about racial supremacy, they should just try and get on with enjoying their lives and doing something constructive. All they need really is a nice hobby.

  8. I am most definitely not voting for this monster, but am filled with utter dread he may get in. It has me truly terrified, it really does.

  9. KitKat

    May I say what a pleasure it is to be among people who actually share my longstanding fear (since Trump began getting good poll numbers in the Republican primaries) that this wildly unsuited and almost certainly disastrous candidate might actually win?

    Others of my educational background and generally progressive political slant have been scoffing at my fear all year.

    But I have always felt it entirely possible, even probable, that he could win, largely because many Americans are NOT ready to accept a person with a vagina as their leader on the world stage.

    And I don’t blame Trump; piggish narcissists will always insert themselves into high profile competitions and other situations that give them a platform (hence, the existence of many career politicians). It’s to be expected, but should not be accepted.

    No, I blame my fellow Americans. Sorry, but in both my personal experience and professional observations, the “regular folk” often act out of ignorance, prejudice and resentment. I believe in the value of specialized training and life experience for people in leadership positions, but for centuries in societies around the world, large numbers of people have despised such leaders and demanded someone “just like me/one of the people.” (By the way, Donald Trump is only like them in degree of ignorance; he lives a very different lifestyle than they– same for George W Bush, but no matter).

    It seems strange this should be my first post after following your blog for years, dear perfume friend, but I had to share my appreciation for the animal terror of you and your commenters here.

    Tomorrow I might wear vintage Bal a Versailles or something else that expresses the primal nature of my fear. Maybe reformulated Rochas Femme, the cumin smell of perfumed sweat.

    • How fantastically put.

      I mean as you know, this blog is a perfume blog, but sometimes other things do have to take precedence.

      And exactly: how can ‘the people’ think that he is ‘one of them’ when he lives the way he does, like an outlandish, Las Vegas pharaoh? He even EXPLICITLY said, on camera, a long while ago, that if he ever ran for president, it would be as a republican candidate because they have so many idiots as followers that they would vote for him. And they have. He is a canny little fiend despite his vacuity.

      • KitKat

        There’s the rub: he EXPLICITLY goes where no one in political life has gone before and still retains the support of a huge number of people—the many who believe “anyone is better than that woman.” (Paraphrase of a middle-aged Black American male member of a voter focus group that was featured last night on the respected journalistic TV program, 60 Minutes. Yep, he’s voting for Trump because to his way of thinking, Trump is the lesser evil.)

        His voters include not only fellow rabid misogynists and xenophobes but genuinely conservative and restrained classic Republicans who cringe over his tacky lifestyle and numerous financial and sexual excesses. These are people who shuddered to hear him school a younger man on how to deal with sexually unreceptive women (“grab them by the pussy”).

        They watched him say during a recent debate, publicized for the world to bear witness: “When I’m president, I’ll create a special prosecutor to have my opponent thrown in prison.”

        It’s all come straight from the horse’s mouth and they may squirm behind closed doors but still they will vote for him. (“Because Hillary is worse.”) That’s the terror! That’s the source of my–in my opinion legitimate– fear.

        And I hate the false equivalence the media are drawing between his outrageousness and Hillary’s campaigning. Tom Brokaw, the elder statesman of US broadcast news journalism, just appeared on TV and said archly, “Many times in this unprecedented campaign I’ve said to myself, ‘did he–or SHE — really just say that?!”

        no, Tom, she didn’t. She’s never said anything that approaches the walking three ring circus that is Donald Trump.

        Anyway, I’m about to put the kettle on and while it boils, douse myself in vintage Youth Dew or Elizabeth Taylor Passion. A test run for tomorrow mayhap? I think I’ll go for olfactory defiance after all!

        Thank you for being you and contributing beauty and art to the world with each of your essays here.

        See you on the other side!

      • Elizabeth Taylor Passion. YES! And thank you for these enlightening comments, which I agree wholeheartedly with (obviously). I look forward to getting past this shameful muck heap and indeed, as you say, enjoy aesthetics, beauty and the joy of life itself.

      • Outlandish Las Vegas Pharaoh! Love the nomenclature!

      • I’m sure we could come with some more!

  10. Speaking from the U.S. here, I and many friends took advantage of the early voting options and cast our votes for HRC weeks ago. I will spend several hours tomorrow volunteering to protect others’ right to vote. Please know that millions of us in the U.S. are taking this very seriously and are horrified that this man has the nomination of any party, let alone a major one. Please pray for us tomorrow, or send good vibes, or do whatever you do. I could use a good scent suggestion for tomorrow, too! Something powerful, feminine but not sexy, uncompromising in integrity but gentle in intentions. Something that doesn’t bully but won’t back down to bullies either. Suggestions?

    • What have you got in your collection?

      And of course I realize that at least half, more I hope, of the country (though in Brexit we lost……so who knows) has common sense, decency, intelligence and all the rest and I am also praying that all of that prevails over the bullish herd and its braying for cod, racist solutions to everything. Good luck with it all. Let’s hope that our next post on the subject is positive and not terrified.

      • I have a lot of florals and a few classics, like some of the Guerlains. I feel like Chanel No. 19 might have been right but I don’t have that! Maybe Gucci Envy, with its cool metallic vibe under all the flowers, like a backbone of steel?

      • Actually funnily enough the first thing that came to mind was No 19. Dignity in the face of absolute sick vulgarity, sharpness in the face of slick sentiment, sheer beauty in the face of pure ugly.

      • Vol de Nuit? Azuree? I also have some discovery sets: Amouage, Ormonde Jayne, Olfactive Studio, Byredo, Roads, Jo Loves, Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s. Or maybe I should go all surreal and wear something by Salvador Dali, because there is something very surreal about this election.

  11. Kathy

    Thank you for writing this-I am voting for Hillary tomorrow-I m appalled & scared to death by Trump-he is a disgusting megalomaniac selfish ignorant boor!!! I m confidant that HRC will win. This is the first time I m commenting -I love your blog & have learned so much from it.

  12. Maya

    I cannot add much about Trump that has not already been said here. Everyone I know is voting for Hillary. I will add that some time ago I read a book on whether there is real evil in the world. It mentioned three related psychological conditions, narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy. They all have one thing in common – no empathy. The author said there is true evil and gave the best definition I know of. “Evil is the lack of empathy.” Without empathy, your fellow human beings and other living creatures just become THINGS to be used and disposed of.

    Well enough of that. I’m still going for – he will be the first presidential candidate in our history to lose every single state!

  13. Laurie

    Thank you for this post! I’ve never commented before, but I’m a long time reader and fan of your blog. Your writing is invariably poetic and brilliant – always a joy to read, but what elevates you into the category of genius and a must read for me is your ability to be incredibly insightful about a number of topics and to periodically display such raw emotional honesty. I do hope you write a novel, book of short stories, poetry or a screenplay some day. Anyway, I just wanted to say I share your terror about this election. I live in North Carolina, one of the key battleground states and I can’t even express the horror I feel at the number of Trump supporters I see here. Blessedly, we don’t have any personal friends who support Trump, but I really am questioning my friendship with a number of Bernie Sanders supporters who have never accepted that he didn’t get the nomination and continue to rail against Hillary to anyone who will listen, attempting to convince them not to vote for her. They are either voting for a third party candidate or not voting at all. This leaves me speechless. OK, I’m actually not questioning my friendship with these people. It’s over. That they can’t understand that a third party candidate could really be what gets Trump elected is beyond me and that is an evil that transcends everything. I actually don’t think the country has ever been this divided since the civil war. It has exposed a truly hideous underbelly in our country and we need to really come to terms with that. But I honestly don’t know how we will. Do intelligent people not see the parallels to McCarthyism? And I don’t think you can blame ignorance or lack of education for the tremendous support Trump has. People may want change and be willing to believe insanely idiotic promises, but it takes *no* education or intelligence to see such overwhelming hatred and evil radiating from someone. I’m surrounded by people who consider themselves to be devout Christians and still support Trump, somehow not recognizing how outrageously close he is to their concept of the devil. And I so agree with you in feeling unable to actually loathe Trump himself. I despise to an extreme all the Tea Party people, but, as you say, they are at least real. Solid people I would like to slap across the room. But Donald? I don’t know. Your comment about hating Donald being like hating a hologram was so on target. I have occasionally wondered what would happen if someone pricked him with a pin. Would he just deflate on the spot into flaccid plastic nothingness? Anyway, my fear is so great that I’m not sure I can watch the results coming in this evening. But my husband will and so I know he’ll keep me up to date. Again, thank you for this post. Also just wanted to say that I do hope you still get to move to that apartment in Berlin. Brexit left me shocked to the core – utterly heartbreaking and horrible beyond words. I wept and wept over it – my husband couldn’t quiet understand my grief, but it just hit me in my core. What the hell is happening to this world? I’m so damn glad we only have feline and canine children. Oh, and although I thought about wearing Fracas or Bandit to hold tight to the spirit of someone like Germaine, I think I’ll wear something instead for deep, deep grounding. My current choices are Mandy’s Tango or Pink Lotus or Histoires de Parfums 1740. Maybe vintage Tabac Blond or En Avion.

    • En Avion…….that would be such a beautiful buffer in a time like this. Now I wish I had some extrait to hand because I love it: so…..removed. And utterly dignified (and we surely need some of that).

      Actually, even though I sometimes hesitate (for about a millisecond) to put up my more ‘contentious’ or possibly offensive posts, something in me won’t allow self-censorship, particularly when I feel as strongly as I do about something like this; well, I can’t even say ‘something like this’ actually, because nothing this horrifying has occurred in politics in my entire lifetime. It’s like cartoon history coming to life, as if no lessons had ever been learned.

      But it’s also interesting moving away from perfume for a moment and realising what interesting, intelligent and sensitive people actually do read The Black Narcissus and I am loving reading all the comments here, particularly this one.

      I too am STUMPED as to how ‘Christians’ can vote for Trump. My own relationship with Christianity is complicated, but I do respect Jesus as a wise person, whose basic message of love is utterly ignored by the huge majority of people who profess to be his followers. As you say, in fact, Trump is closer to Satan in everything he is and stands for. Literally. The images I have seen of him ‘praying’ (for himself, obviously) with religious elders make inchoately bitter comedy.

      And I also totally agree with what you say here about education. I mean I sometimes rather snidely talk about hicks and so on in this thread, and I probably shouldn’t as it is just snobby and elitist, but I believe you are right: ultimately, education has nothing to do with it. It is allowing yourself to be drawn into this cheap fascism, these vile, baser instincts that drag us back down, willingly, that is so unforgivable.

      As are the people who insist on voting for a third party. I have also ranted and raged against friends who simply won’t vote for Hillary – my more purist, leftist friends, and although I respect their bleeding consciences up to a certain point, at the same time their complete lack of pragmatism and clear-eyed thinking (BUT DON’T YOU SEE THAT BY TAKING THIS COURSE OF ACTION YOU COULD BE LETTING THIS MONSTER INTO THE WHITE HOUSE AND HISTORY WILL JUDGE YOU FOR IT?!!!!) makes my innards tighten and scream at the dumb illogicality of it all.


      This year has been insane. Truly insane. From start to finish. I pray that ‘the American people’ don’t make what could be a truly catastrophic decision in electing this sick, pink buffoon from hell into the presidency.The optimist in me is hoping that common decency will prevail at the last minute, but like you I am going to be on absolute tenterhooks for the entire day and night.

  14. David

    Trump’s rhetoric does not belong in a country as diverse as the USA. I was watching a travel program about Houston, Texas and there was a segment about a high school where 80% of the students don’t speak English at their homes. This is the reality of the USA. Not Trump’s reality show pack of lies and nonsense. I’m in Brazil, but I made sure I voted absentee weeks ago. And if Trump is elected (Tuesday afternoon as I write this) I want to go back to the USA and join the groups that I pray will form to protest him.
    On a happier note, I just love how in the USA, the ballot also includes referendums. My home state is voting to legalize marijuana…. Please Lord answer my two prayers today.

  15. Susan

    I am another long time reader commenting for the first time. I really thought that by this time tonight I would be celebrating. Instead I am sitting here with a knot in my stomach. If Hillary wins, then tomorrow I will probably wear Cuir de Lancome. If the unthinkable happens, then I will wear Cabochard – lots of Cabochard. I plan on singeing the nostril hair off of the Republican jack daw who sits next to me at work. Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful and beautifully written posts.

  16. Bob

    Wow! Looking back at this comment I’m so happy we got Trump out. Ill settle with massive inflation, ridiculous fuel prices, destroyed economy and small buisness’, nuclear war and soon famine over that swine for a man. We got rid of the pig and his mean tweets! We really live in a better world now.

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