rescinding the reality membrane







nothing like a nice bergamot oil bath for a spot of morning emotional clarity


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8 responses to “rescinding the reality membrane

  1. anne

    Perfect experience. It’s been a nightmare in NYC…may go for my Shu Uemera cypress bath in a trice.

    • Seriously, these things do actually help. The bergamot I find kind of refreshes the spirits like a slightly clouded camera lens coming into focus while simultaneously buoying you up above the bullshit. I felt quite alive afterwards today. Of course I am full of tumult and worry, but at the same time I intend not to go under.

  2. Beautiful botanical art. Yes, hot baths for all!

  3. David

    I’m wearing Tom Ford’s Venetian Bergamot today. I’m choosing fragrances that make me feel put together when really I’m a messy wreck inside. Yesterday was D’orsay Chevalier. Tomorrow will be Gucci No.1.

  4. Bergamot is wonderful for clearing the head. I picked up some bergamot chocolates while vacationing in Barcelona. Tonight might be the night to bring them out and enjoy.

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