NEA by JUL ET MAD (2015)


I can’t find any information about Nea – a light-suffused, fruit-lit sweet-deep honey ambrosia – online, but I do know that it exists because I have a small little sample bottle of it (that I received in the same package as the more brooding and rose-laden Nin Shar), and because I sprayed it in copious amounts, and to gorgeous effect, on Duncan’s beautiful backing dancers last drunken Saturday night.

Pictured: Dayane, effusing Nea, not long before they went on stage.


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13 responses to “NEA by JUL ET MAD (2015)

  1. Hi,
    Jul et Mad is one of the fantastic brands we carry at Pure Calculus of Perfume
    The absolutely luminous Nea Extrait de Parfum was a 2015 Art and Olfaction award winner . If you would like samples of the entire Jul et Mad line to experience and review, please do let me know where to send samples. Garuda, Amour de Palazzo, and Aqua Sextius are quite lovely.
    Colleen (

  2. The photo is gorgeous and so is Dayane!

  3. You probably couldn’t find anything online about this as NEA is from Jul et Mad, not Mad et Len… I hope this helps!

  4. MrsDalloway

    Having two companies called Jul et Mad and Mad et Len is just unfair. Especially if it was a REALLY good party…

  5. I have heard wonderful things about this line. I will have to investigate it more.

    • This is quite a bright, verging on brash, scent, very honey (would smell good in Las Vegas): I feel it straddles the line quite nicely between modern and Middle Eastern. Not exquisite, but new and lush.

  6. empliau

    I can’t quite get over Aqua Sextius – the language teacher in me dies a little every time I see that written. Sadly, it could smell like the ambrosia of the gods and I would still back away with averted eyes. I even enquired about the name and they said they did it deliberately.

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