Sometimes I wear Estée Lauder’s Beautiful.








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  1. If you didn’t wear something so womanly I would be disappointed.

  2. Lilybelle

    Why not? Beautiful smells beautiful. Do you wear it out, or just at home? Now I have a sudden intense craving to smell it. I wear White Linen. Not every day, or even often, though more often in summer. I’m a bit addicted. I also have Youth Dew edp and bath oil. I can’t wear them at home or in the car because my husband complains. But Beautiful…who would complain?

    • We were doing some end of year cleaning in the perfume room and I espied one of those miniature parfums (I have a few lying around). I suppose it just really reminds me of the eighties, in the best possible way. Family. Friends. School. Christmas and warmth. Really enjoying it today!

  3. Tara C

    Saw the pictures and wasn’t sure where this was going. 😉

    My guilty pleasure is sugary gourmands… I have even worn Pink Sugar. The horror!

    • Sorry, this is me at my silliest. I can imagine, the way I go with confessionals and over emotionality that a reader might even approach this with dread, but I was just amusing myself. In a good mood. Finally relaxed a bit, enjoying the holidays, and my perfume collection.

      This IS quite a naff thing to wear though, for a man. But obviously, I couldn’t care less. I actually find it very soothing. It contains so much history ( I actually think that perfume really does do that, in fact: it ABSORBS the years in which it was released……and it’s not as though I am obsessed with the eighties, but then they were such a big part of my life so far and sometimes I just can’t help dipping back into them).

      What’s your excuse?!!

  4. Katy

    It is a beautiful fragrance so why not?

  5. I will reiterate what others have said above…why not? (says the 93lb woman who would soak herself in Grey Flannel…..)

    and happy holidays to you and the D!

  6. MrsDalloway

    Heh – that is the signature scent of my stepmother (70). It’s kind of nice but it does linger in a room. I’m smelling a bit butch for me right now – Parfumerie Moderne Cuir X. I like it a lot but I’d rather be wearing Lancôme Cuir.

  7. Next thing you’ll be telling us you’re drenched in Fracas.

  8. It’s a great scent! EL has more than a few gorgeous offerings in their range!

    • I agree. I genuinely do like it a lot, and sometimes do have cravings for its warmth and protective feelings of homeliness and safety, but I also think it evokes quite ambivalent feelings in me. On the one hand, I consider Beautiful the quintessential American fragrance. On a woman in freshly laundered clothes, nice smelling hair – classic pearly teethed US hygiene in other words – and then some sprays of Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, this perfume is multifaceted, complex, sweet, physically enwrapping, and has a certain level of flair.

      At the same time, it embodies a kind of cosseted, suburban smugness, and is in some ways horrifyingly conservative (smelling precisely of the Reaganite times in which it emerged), and despite its beauty, is somehow dead. I think all the classic Lauders have this quality. That velveted, powdered, wholeness with not a hair out of place: a brilliant sillage, that envelopes the woman in an impenetrable fortress of ‘just so’ (think how Beautiful, or Youth Dew, or Aromatics Elixir linger in a room….there is quite a subtle, passive aggression lurking beneath these brilliantly technological perfumes – they are really designed to invade your space and make you NOTICE me).

      Moving in to kiss someone with one of these perfumes is therefore very daunting: they are not like French perfumes, which are far more flirtatious and open-legged: it’s like trying to French kiss Margaret Thatcher. Or even Krystle Carrington. But you will be slapped around the face in any case – these are the perfumes of shoulder padded Boadiceas.

  9. Why not? But your confession made me smile. Beautiful is such an evocative scent.

  10. Maria de Santis/Grayspoole

    If you are confessing, Neil, you should add this to your list of sins: you made me buy more Jolie Madame yesterday…

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