As a high school seventeen year old stripling, of a morning, before leaving my house, I would always raid my father’s after shave collection ( these were literally ‘after shaves’, the lighter, fresher, apres rasage format of men’s traditional fragrances that are often subtly different and more pleasing).

All of these were impeccable, scents I retain in my collection and wear even now : Eau Sauvage, Kouros, Paco Rabanne, Givenchy Gentleman, and  Chanel Pour Monsieur. All of them fresh with complexity and aromacy: none of them the chest-beating machos ( Jazz, Tsar, Drakkar, Safari) that make me want to take my life.

The above creations suited me quite nicely, ( alongside Armani Pour Homme and Givenchy Xeryus that I had also bought for myself), but it was Chanel Pour Monsieur alone that had, and still has, the unique capacity to not only transform my own mood, but the air itself.

Essentially an aromatic citrus chypre, this curiously uplifting, innovative yet traditional cologne is based on lemon, verbena, bergamot, cardamom and neroli with lightly spiced undertones of lavender, nutmeg and a gentle, almost vanillic oak moss. While the eau de toilette can sometimes veer into almost flyspray-like citronella briskness, the after shave, for me, as a teenager, splashed on my face and neck and wrists, was nothing short of heaven.

I would walk through Malvern Park on the way to Sixth Form College; Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, Keats and Bronte in my rucksack along with my French and German textbooks, look at and smell the sky, the trees, the flowers all around me and they, and my life itself, would be truly ameliorated and intensified by the beautiful smell that was emanating from my skin, a blissful harmony of nature and man-made art that has not been replicated since. It would be no exaggeration to say that it was a sensation that made me ecstatically happy.


I believe that this beautiful, softly exhilarating effect comes from the brilliant contrast between the citric uplift of the top accord, experienced simultaneously with the pliant and softly sensual mosses of the base, like new April sunshine filtering down through young leaves onto the soft, mossy bed of a forest clearing- a facet  this perfume has in common with Guerlain’s Mitsouko ( after an hour or two these scents smell virtually indistinguishable on my skin).

But where there is something miserable and dour for me in Jacques Guerlain’s grimly beautiful masterwork, Pour Monsieur, while a touch old fashioned for me sometimes, nevertheless achieves a feat that cannot be dismissed lightly. Almost thirty years after I first started wearing this beautiful perfume, on this bright, sunny morning in January, Japan, in its understatedly joyous, lemon-leafed, contrapuntal elegance, I feel almost exactly the same as I did back in those days of future-forward, world-is-my-oyster oblivion: that Henri Robert’s most uninvasive of citrus masculines: refreshing to the senses and the spirit:  glassed, nuanced, liberating -really is optimism, bottled.


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13 responses to “OPTIMISM ::: POUR MONSIEUR by CHANEL (1955 )

  1. Neil, your writings are like sunshine on a cloudy day. They lift me up and make me happy that there are lots of other perfume addicts in the world.
    Thank you!

  2. Also, an interesting note that Pour Monsieur and Mitsouko smell identical on your skin.

  3. Who else writes this way? So lovely. Transported again . . . thank you again.

  4. Katy

    Lovely writing. I think this is a wonderful Chanel that is quite under appreciated. I think I will wear it today.

  5. emmawoolf

    And this optimism (yes tinged with a little nostalgia) is joyous and a delight to read. Happy New Year. x

  6. who needs to smell it when you write about it so expertly!

  7. purecaramel

    With your thoughts of Pour Monsieur. I know I’ve found a warm spot to rest.

  8. purecaramel

    Can you believe that I traded away a bottle of it in the early 80’s. Foolish youth.
    A recent Vertical had me gasp at my error.

    May I say that your Prose has me gasping at it’s Beauty and Warmth.

    In all honesty, I come to your site via ClaireV as she shoos me from her Kitchen. I can be a bit of a pest I guess, sticking my fingers into the cookie jar.
    In any case I promise to be good, sit in my seat quietly. Your words they soothe and have me purring. I think I will have to Spritz a little Pour Monsieur and read through your music again.

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