the scent of success





I took my first steps today. It’s a start !


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32 responses to “the scent of success

  1. What great news! You are on your way.

  2. Stephen

    Ah, that’s great news!! You’ll be up and around in no time at all!! 我祝你强力的腿!

  3. Lilybelle

    That’s wonderful!!! 🙂

  4. Sending good energy!
    Thanks for still writing while you are recovering.

  5. Precocious. Congratulations, N.!

  6. Such glorious news!!!! You are on the road to full mobility now. Each day you will be able to do more and more. All the best to you Neil.

  7. Nancysg

    Hooray! I am happy to hear this news of your continued recovery and progress.

  8. What have I missed love? You OK?
    Portia xx


    Wonderful news Neil, you have done so well.
    Love Daphne and Rodxx

  10. jennyredhen

    Far out .. so the operation is a success then???

  11. MrsDalloway

    Great, hope it’s not painful putting weight on them at first. You need someone to put particularly desirable perfumes across the room as a lure.

    • Thanks everyone.

      I mean it was of course holding the parallel bars and assisted by my physio, but even so I can’t deny that in some form or another I did actually walk the length of the bars and back ( albeit a bit like a marionette).

      The swelling has gone down and they look like legs. I can’t stand up alone yet (taking an x ray yesterday was a logistical nightmare), but I can get in and out of my wheelchair and like zooming round the hospital.

      I have very good bendability ( it’s painful of course but I can bend both knees as much as a normal person which everyone seems amazed about), and feel positive and energetic.

      I think having a room of one’s own is the key. I have already had a couple of neurotic meltdowns about water and urine bottles but aside that am calm and enjoying the combination of private time and people visiting me. I know that if I was in a room of gaping staring J-zombies I would not get a wink of sleep and wouldn’t be making this much progress so even if it is spoiled and extravagant I know it is the right choice for me.

      Some days I wake up and feel like just monging out and watching films. Others I prefer to find out the horrors of the world in the New York Times and find out what the Great Asshole is up to now but then other times I just do my exercises and stare out the window.

      Still, when the moods align I will write something or else repost old posts I feel suit the moment or I just feel like rereading again. I am still in the mood only for neroli and orange blossom which just feels perfect right now and is adding to my optimism. It’s almost as if I have had some kind of neroli rebirth.

      Thanks so much for the support. I can physically feel it.


      • Great to hear it all. I know I feel as though I have come to know you a little through your writing and find myself really caring about your progress. I look forward to more updates and more fragrance posts and reposts and general musings.

      • I feel like I know you too!

        I will write when the muse wills it.

  12. gail

    Huge congratulations, you’re truly on your healing path!

  13. Kathy

    Good for you!!!!

  14. empliau

    Congratulations! One never appreciates the miracle of walking – balanced on folding bones, as Christopher Fry described it – until it becomes difficult or painful. You have achieved folding bones (vel sim.), – can balance be far behind?

    It is completely worth a room of one’s own. Take it from Mme. Woolf.

    • It SO is (and naturally I was quoting her directly).

      Just come back from second day of ‘walking’. I mean I AM walking but it’s mainly my arms I think. Still, much better than lying back horizontal and immobile!

      • empliau

        Oh, I know you adore her. I was just affirming your kinship.

        Walking is such a relief to one’s tush after lying for too long!

      • Definitely but it is VERY far from actual walking still.

        I was, however, putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward and the only person doing that was me!

  15. Great to hear! Keep strong! R

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