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The Black Narcissus


What perfumes to bring on a holiday in Vietnam?

It is hot.

The first two days we were here were possibly cooler than Tokyo, which can get truly unbearable at the height of August with its shimmering heat islands, glass, and gleaming, roiling synthetic surfaces, but these last two hot and steaming days in Hanoi it has got to that searing, ant-under-a-magnifying-glass hotness that prevents you from walking too long in it directly, yearning for some airconditioning (something I hate intensely usually, when it is misused and overused), but which here seems really like a necessity, especially for short, grateful spells in museums and the entrance of the hotel.


it's hot

D has been dousing his handkerchiefs, and mopping his brow with Agua De Colonia Concentrada by Alverez Gomez, a Spanish cologne (to which I have craftily, typically, added 30ml of extra lemon essential oil to get it how I want it…

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8 responses to “DIORELLA IN HANOI

  1. Ok, here’s my Pet Shop Boys top ten for your delectation and distraction:
    1. Love Comes Quickly
    2. West End Girls
    3. Scandal
    4. Before
    5. The Boy Who Couldn’t Keep his Clothes On
    6. King’s Cross
    7. Being Boring
    8. Between Two Islands
    9. Saturday Night
    10. For Your Own Good

    I’m off Facebook for now but am keeping up with your blog. Keep going strong with the healing. Does the hospital have a piano?

  2. I spritzed Diorella pretty liberally yesterday morning at about 8am. During my personal training session with the lovely Carlos at about 4.30pm it began to really bloom from the heat. Inappropriate but lovely.

  3. MrsDalloway

    Loving your travel series. Up next: Cristalle in Clackheaton?

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