A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ::::::::.IZIA by SISLEY (2017)


Izia, a recent release, is a nice, fullish, lemonish rose for cool-headed, discerning adults by the pleasingly unprolific house of Sisley. Solidly made and well turned out, I have to say that it nevertheless does not really inspire me ( I have perhaps been spoiled by my recent discovery of Sonoma Scent Studio’s far more sublime fragrance Velvet Rose), merely reminding me essentially of another Sisley rose perfume – Soir De Lune, just without all the shadowy ( and sexier ) aspects of oakmoss and patchouli.

Perhaps Sisley were just playing it safe. Their previous release, the curious Eau D’Ikar, was more daring. A new departure. Odd. Disturbing.

Risk-taking, in perfumery however, as we all know now, does not necessarily bring in the Euros.


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29 responses to “A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ::::::::.IZIA by SISLEY (2017)

  1. Thanks so much Emma for the perfume samples and book.

    Sheer hospital pleasure.


    • emmawoolf

      Oh I am so glad you’ve got them. You are welcome xx

      • And I am intrigued ( if a bit headached ) by the Belladonna.

        Almost daren’t spray it in the hospital though!

        As for Alan Hollinghurst, I have enjoyed, if never loved, his other novels: will definitely have a dip when the right mood strikes!

  2. Yes, lot’s of perfume houses are playing it safe…but boring. We already have what they are trying to sell us and our version is probably better.
    I am glad to know that you have had some sheer hospital pleasure and your surgery did not affect you expert olfactory organ.

    • It’s a bit naughty to just toss off a perfume review in three minutes but I agree with my opinion!

      This is quite nice ( and I can imagine it smelling much better on young female skin as well – it does have quite a freshly cut roses aspect that could be effective on the right person).

      At the same time, it’s just a bit too familiar.

      Far more importantly, I WALKED today, two laps , just with a cane ( and sometimes with the rail, and shadowed by my physio), but I really did it. Two feet WERE guiding me along, and I go home on May the 3rd!

      • emmawoolf

        I agree with your verdict by the way. It reminded me a little of the newer annick goutal rose releases, but not as interesting. Just thought you would appreciate a trip to the shops on your behalf – and I do hope you enjoy the book x

      • emmawoolf

        Hurrah for the ambulatory milestone and here’s to your “release” date! X

  3. Zubeyde Erdem

    Yay ! Omedeto gozaimasuuuu. What a wonderful news it is 😀💥🎉

  4. Daphnehume@btinternet.com

    Fantastic Neil, the only way is up.
    Love Daphne and Rodxx

  5. jennyredhen

    I went into the only shop that sells high end perfumes here the other day to have a play and discovered that their range of serge lutens has been halved… no more Sa majeste la rose only La fille de berlin. depressing. I thought that Chergui smelt a lot like Metalys.. which cheered me up as the Metalys has run out.. would you agree or am I way off.. I am no nose and an amateur.

  6. Sally Karpe

    I have fallen in love with Sisley’s Izia. This is such a sparkling, realistic rose scent, with a beautiful cedar base note. It’s uplifting and sweet, but not gourmand sweet, which I hate. I’ve noticed lately that many mainstream perfumes smell almost medicinal! Izia is a natural floral fragrance and it has won my heart. Layered with Eau de Soir it’s
    even more wonderful! Well done Sisley!

    • I like the sound of this combination. And I could tell instinctively when I first smelled it that it would smell nice on some people. I find the dry down just too so-so though, at least on me.

      • Sally Karpe

        My only criticism of Izia is it’s lack of staying power. You can drench yourself in it and 2-3 hours later it’s gone. More suited to spring and summer months, I guess. While it lasts, it’s amazing!

  7. Great news about your progress and near-imminent release!

    SSS Velvet Rose is so damn gorgeous. Possibly the most voluptuous contemporary rose I’ve known. The dry down goes on and on and never loses complexity. (I love Laurie’s work, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned. I’ve got a bottle of her Nostalgie coming my way, too. Nothing groundbreaking, just a beautiful, graceful fragrance incorporating many elements of classic vintage florals.)

  8. So happy to hear the end of your hospital stay is in view. It will do you well to be home. I do hope you will be mobile enough to be on your own without the physio person shadowing you. But then again, they won’t ship you home if you are not ready.
    I will be in Boston in a little over a week and the new Sisley scent was on my list of scents to smell. I wonder if I will like it? I do adore rose scents so much, I hope I won’t be too sorely disappointed. I have never smelt anything from SSS, are the scents really that wonderful? I may have to investigate.
    Be well Neil and keep making strides.

    • I think SSS really are actually. No hype. Champagne de/(du?) Bois, Velvet Rose, and many others just smell really good.

      • So true. And also — broken record? — Sonoma Scent Studio owner and perfumer Laurie Erickson is a lovely human being. I’ve known her through a mutual love of fragrance for many years and no one is more thoughtful, kind, generous, fair-minded, modest . . . and of course, talented. Her fragrances are relative bargains. She’s not out to make a fast buck; she’s out to create beautiful, interesting, durable and wearable fragrances from exceptional components and make them affordable to normal workin’ folk. Gaa, I sound like a press release! But there you go. I find so many niche fragrances over-hyped and under-performing. And many that I really like, that are actually very good, are significantly over-priced. She is an anomaly. I like to get the word out whenever the opportunity presents itself so that she continues to have the success she deserves. Done!

  9. Well, SSS sounds like it is a company definitely worth looking into.

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