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13 responses to “GREAT !

  1. 1950s all over again. Duck and cover!

  2. Nancysg

    Recommending going under desks again. I thought that was pretty much disproved as a viable safety option. I feel dismay that this whole discussion is now having to occur.

  3. Renee Stout

    I’m sick of the barbarians of the world, including US “leaders” acting like war is viable option for settling conflicts. They’re ALL raging narcissists. donald loves inciting this kind of drama so he can show off his bullying skills and look “presidential”.

  4. MrsDalloway

    Bloody hell. Hope it doesn’t come to that…

  5. This is just all so terrifying. Why can’t these leaders stop their hormonally drivin tirades and leave us in peace. I wish all these leaders would just spontaneously combust.
    Wishing you well over there.

    • Well people here are quite glib about it – don’t worry, America will blast them out of the water, etc, which obviously isn’t what we need either, but this article chilled me.

      The irony: I get out of hospital and get nuked!

  6. Trump is a horror and he has got to go. I keep hoping he will soon be impeached. Some tell me it’s unlikely, but the thought keeps me going.

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