I am, of course, still in hospital.

But it doesn’t stop me perfume shopping in Tokyo.

Because I have discovered FaceTime ( how can I only just have discovered this? What is wrong with me? How can I be so technologically backward ? How can I not have realized this marvellous technological invention, now seven or so years old, whereby you can Star Trek yourself and another on your phone, see their face, live what they are doing?!

Yes, I know Skype, but it always sticks; and you are stuck in one place huddled stupidly around the computer. With this, and sorry if I sound like a spokesmouth for Mark Zuckerberg, I can hear the birds in my parents’ garden and see the flowers; I can show them my first steps at walking in the hospital, I CAN SCAN THE SHELVES IN CHEAP PERFUME EMPORIA via Duncan, miles away, from my bed).

D was in a rush, putting the finishing touches to the film with codirector Yukiro Dravarious – the premiere is on Wednesday in Tokyo, which, to my great disappointment, I obviously will not be able to attend ( even though I am one of the stars!)- BUT I hope to be able to catch glimpses of some of the action, the arrivals and reactions, via this phone, and come the summer, assuming my bones will have knit together correctly, we will have a Resurrection Of Burning Bush Special screening, for those of us who can’t make it to next Wednesday’s glamstravaganza.

So five minutes with the camera: gleaning the bargain bin selection there at the front of the shop (I opt for Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir Sin Garden, as I love the original, liked Libertine also, and at that price it doesn’t matter).

Can you go to the glass cabinets, inside, cry I, and so the blurring lens snakes its way through the racks of bric-a-brac and clothes to the glass, see pictured, where the images keep jamming and I wonder, in a froth, what I should select.

I ponder over Hermes’ Jardin En Mediterranee, and briefly consider a figgy moment, but then recall being bored by it several times at various airports.

Mitsouko parfum, for nine pounds sixty nine? Yes I think so. Strangely, I have been craving it. The blandness of hospital smells has me craving the chypre; occasionally my visitors will be wearing real perfume, and I catch an olfactory glimpse of everything that I am missing. I need those depths; that clandestine, clove-prickly oakmoss.

I am supposed to be getting out of here, now, on May the 15th ( they won’t let me go until I am more confident on my feet, and to be honest, I wasn’t ready. I am walking, even if my knees, inside, feel like broken shards of crockery). That doesn’t last, though, and on the whole, I feel I am getting to feel more sturdy; like Lou Reed, I am beginning to See The Light.

Until then though I wheel round the hospital, read my newspaper in the sun, avoid as much as possible that sulking, weirdo ‘nurse’, and look forward to my visits, which tomorrow shall include some proper, Tokyo megalopolis perfumed booty.


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22 responses to “PERFUMING ON FACETIME

  1. Tara C

    Ah, teleshopping! My DH and I have been doing this for years. Great fun! I despise many forms of technology but not this one.

  2. MrsDalloway

    Great jumble of scents. What’s the Dior? The L’Air du Temps at top left looks a bit sun-tanned. Is Bottega Veneta big in Japan? I think I see two there.

    Sorry your discharge is delayed but I guess it would be scary to be home too soon. And good to have the physio on hand.

  3. Renee Stout

    Technology: It’s a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it seems it’s the worst thing that ever happened to humankind and sometimes its the best thing that could have happened.

    • I agree with Renee, but for the most part I think it is love. My iPhone almost seems to be a part of me and I am lost should I forget it at home when going out (which has only happened a few times). And FaceTime is a wonderful thing (Skpe was terrible). I am glad you are doing much better and that you only have two more weeks in the hospital. Keep up the good progress you are making. I love your writing and still think you should write a book one of these days.

    • Absolutely. Undeniable. The world has changed utterly in the last ten years and there is no going back.

      I have written before about going offline when I lost my phone and found that I didn’t want another one ( and didn’t get one to eighteen months). I enjoyed the peace, all the novels, and the more concentrated concentration, but on the whole I have preferred having it, particularly in hospital.

      I would have been depressed and at a loss without it in hee

      • here, I would have been too cut off

      • The iPhone keeps you connected to the world. I still read books even though I have all the technology from computer, iPad and iPhone…I still prefer to read books with actual books. I love the written word and turning the pages. Yesterday I had a conversation with someone I have known for decades (since she was 19 years old) and she told me she has never read a book in her entire life and has no interest in reading one even now when she is older. I love the internet and social media but there is nothing like a book to shut everything out and get involved with the characters or even reading a non-fiction book is pleasurable to me depending on the subject matter, of course.

  4. Tech at its best. Looking forward to reading more about your perfumed booty. R

    • Well, the Mitsouko is just Mitsouko, which I have written a lot about before, but it is interesting to experience it again in this boring, white-walled hospital context: the vintage extrait is especially dark, mossy and earthy, and I am smelling the reputed agarwood = Japanese incense note quite clearly. I am quite enjoying it this morning. Do you know it?

      The Boudoir Sin Garden is a bit more party slag than I was anticipating, and I don’t know if the bottle might have turned slightly, but it is quite feral, a strong, armpit like sandalwood jossstick accord and then sweetness and pinkness on top: I might either give it away to a friend, or else use it as a room spray at one of our themed parties one day.

  5. Isn’t technology just amazing. If we didn’t have such a time difference I would say we could Facetime. I am so thrilled you got the Mitsouko, one can truly never have enough of it. I want the L’Air du Temps, even if it is a little darker than usual; I love the dry down so much.
    Sorry your hospital stay was extended, but it is all for the best. You do need to be steady on your feet before being released. Hope Duncan has brought you in some tasty food, at least to offset the hospital’s mundane offerings.
    Take care and happy healing.

  6. oh dear…extension of hospital stay?

    And is that Cristalle I am spying? and a perfume extrait of one of the Chanels?

    Just so you know I had been lurking on my computer at work but you are now categorized as “porn” and thus not accessible from my computer….I thought you might get a kick out of that little tidbit…..

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