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  1. YAY…I am so happy for you! Take good care of yourself.

    • Thanks, Filomena.

      I am also only walking tentatively, obviously, but it is definitely walking.

      I am in the middle of a grotesquely self-indulgent encapsulation of the experience which I will put up in the next few days…

  2. MrsDalloway

    Hurray! Take it gently, readjusting to the outside world…

  3. Iuno Feronia


  4. Fantastic news! It’s going to be amazing.

    • If only I could have stuck to the VILE Japanese food instead of eating my own body weight in chocolate I would be thinner as well!

      I am so (happily? lazily?) institutionalized now I just can’t imagine being anywhere else.

  5. Oh Neil, I’m so glad you’re on your way home. I hope your recovery isn’t too arduous. I’m sure progress will be quicker when you’re in your own home surrounded by your own stuff again. Looking forward to reading about it! xx

  6. Incredible news! Congrats.

  7. Bina

    Wonderful news! Well done too! Take it easy but you will be out and about soon. Take care

    • Thankyou.

      I have walked round the hospital garden with a cane two days running, observed, but unassisted, and can even do stairs for some miraculous reason, which means

      S a y o n a r a

  8. Wonderful! You must be so glad! What will be the first perfume you wear once you are back??

  9. Tora

    Yay Neil!!!!!

    You will be so happy to be back in your home sweet home. Just standing in front of your perfume cabinet will be amazing!

    Take it easy though.

    And Yaaaaay!

    • Thanks : I must confess I am craving standing in front of it BUT : it’s upstairs!

      I thoroughly enjoyed the rose and orange blossom selection by the way and have used half of them up. It was a beautiful and generous diversion x

  10. Congratulations!! It should be wonderful to be free…

  11. empliau

    Congratulations! Home is so wonderful after the hospital. I hope your cat is not too vexed with you.

  12. Fantastic recovery! Glad to hear. Take it slow and allow yourself to fully heal. All the best, G

    • Thankyou. Yes, mustn’t rush it. I still can’t quite believe the fact of being able to truly walk. Sometimes my confidence disappears and it is terrifying, other times I am almost striding along…

  13. emmawoolf

    Excellent news, N. Don’t be too terrified at reentering The Matrix. At least your home will be a lovely scented cocoon for a while, and you can take small steps from there. Take care. Will try you on Friday x

    • That would be lovely.

      The Matrix, yes….. it hasn’t been entirely unpleasant being away from it but I am getting dreamier by the day and more and more used to my confinement: I have to break the ‘spell’….


    Great news. Duncan and Moro will be so pleased.
    Take care.
    Love Dx and Xxx

    • You know Mori couldn’t care less about me but I am looking forward to stroking her.

      I hope Duncan hasn’t got too used to living alone!

      Thank you so much for the lavender. It is beautiful x

  15. Kathy

    So happy for you!

  16. Zubeyde Erdem

    I’m really happy for you. Well done N .
    When you are out please take it easy 🌺

  17. So thrilled you will be going home. Just remember to take it easy and keep in mind you are still healing. Looking forward to your posts from home ❤

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