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18 responses to “COVFEFE PARFUM POUR IDIOT (2017)

  1. My contempt for him is boundless.

  2. So is mine. I am consumed with it.

  3. MrsDalloway

    It exists!

    Vile man, I wish him everything bad. But the momentum is moving away from fossil fuels regardless. The stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones.

  4. Ha! Don’t know where else I might have ever encountered this tasty tidbit of Trump-mockery. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. Thanks!

  5. Ann

    He is sooo ghastly…hope you don’t mind me sharing the video, it is perfect.

  6. He makes me sick. Now he wants to make the whole world even sicker.
    Have you read the children Piers Torday trilogy? That’s where they are sending us. Soon it will be Fahrenheit 451.
    I’m seriously terrified of the future. Not because of the perceived threat but because of the terrorists in power in almost all the western countries.
    Portia xx

  7. The video is really good!

  8. The video gives us all a good chuckle, which we need, but the reality is: he is a madman. He is truly one of the most dangerous individuals on the planet at the moment. I do not even comprehend how his followers keep on following his nonsense.

  9. Kathy

    He is such an ass!!! Ignorant, mean, crude, destructive, greedy….I am afraid for America and for the whole world!

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