We usually go to Isezakicho, the seedier, more ragtaggle side of Kannai station in Yokohama where all the thrift shops and vintage perfume and Thai karaoke bars are, but the beauty of essentially being out of the world for a while, but ready to plunge back in it, is that you suddenly wake up one day with a place you want to go seething in your conscious like a pre-ordained destiny, a place you haven’t been to for a very long time – but you know you have to go to;  there and only there; particularly on a cold, crisp but beautifully sunny Sunday stretching out before you when you just want to see and be and explore in wider, open spaces. And so we decided to go for a long stroll from Motomachi to Yamashita Park and through to the other side of the port of Kannai, the more stately and elegant side of the city with its European inspired stone buildings, maritime flavour, and melancholic, almost haunting, aura.





Through the Christmas music of the quaint and chichi Motomachi shopping street we passed by the ocean and Marine Tower; Barney’s New York; and through to Yamashita Park : families strolling, dogs frenetic, magicians doing tricks, ships at port of call, and, to our delight, an unexpected rose garden that was almost magical in its prettiness.





As chance would have it, being rather rose-oriented myself of late, I happened to be also wearing Rosarium Shiseido (the shampoo and the conditioner, which, though disastrously wrong for my hair type – it looked like pitiable strands of seaweed clinging to a rock, the worst hair day ever, the only negative point in what was otherwise a delightful day and evening out..) still does smell very pleasing; simple; a tea rose, rose hip and ‘living rose’ classical, accessible rose fragrance that provided a realistically perfumed backdrop to the stunning preponderance of flowers :  the roses themselves, beautiful, fluttering in the cold breeze in their rows – inexplicably, unscented.
















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  1. I paid for it the next day mine you in terms of swollen knees, but how fantastic it was to be able to walk at a normal pace next to D, even when slightly painful.

    I feel I have come through the hard part of this term now; I feel healthier again, more clearheaded ; the stressful teacher evaluations are now over, the holidays are looming, and the weather, though cold is conducive to a sharper, conducive happiness.

    Thankyou everyone for the support these last few months . X

  2. I read “long stroll” and immediately thought of your knees! You’ve come a long way, and despite the swollen knees, I’m sure we’re all heartened at your improving mobility, Neil.

    Roses in November? In my dreams. You’re lucky. Love the photos, especially the first one, black and white and wonderfully framed.

    I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling more optimistic and more like your before-surgery self. Whew. It’s been quite the long, tricky haul, hasn’t it? But now, both knees done, you’ve got the worst behind you, no more surgery, no more trauma. And thank bloody god for that.

  3. jennyredhen

    Its interesting you should write about roses. Christchurch New Zealand and Portland Oregon are supposed to be the two best rose growing places in the world. It is the height of rose flowering season here now and there are roses sprawling everywhere. The two rose perfumes I am wearing are Diva and Fendi Aquarosa. Thats all I have I know there are many others. Good news about the knees.


    • jennyredhen

      I dont really like either of them.. but they are rosey

      • jennyredhen

        aquarossa fades to nothing very quickly Diva opens up to rose.. I think I have changed my mind i like it.

      • Ten years ago, and if memory serves it was in January: warm, sunny and summery. I’d never encountered so many different heirloom roses, and they were clearly thriving. I didn’t know that NZ had that reputation, but the evidence is there! I loved all of New Zealand, both North and South Islands. The highlights to me were the Coromandel Peninsula and Abel Tasman National Park.

        Oh, I do love Diva. I’ve never tried l’Acquarossa, but if you love it, I must track it down.

      • Oh, I misread. I won’t be tracking down the Fendi! 😉

      • A bit sad if you don’t like the perfumes you wear!

    • I loved the heritage rose garden in Hagley Park, Christchurch. Some so heavily scented, I felt positively tipsy! And yes, Oregon for roses; the large rose garden at Shore Acres, perched on the coast, is one of the most spectacular I’ve ever had the fortune to visit. Out of the way, but worth the journey.

  4. I think that urban Japanese rose gardens are unlikely to compare to these places (which sound lovely). In the context of a futuristic landscape though it was really beautiful. Just a shame you couldn’t smell the roses…

  5. That’s the all matter mostly in life. We know that “It” is going to hurt but we must never give up and try and try again and again….
    I wrote and deleted many sentences right now. Let me say only this much you are a gladiator of old times. ☀️

    • !

      What do you mean? ( I love your brain )

      • Ohh, how lucky I’m ! I had written a reply and I took a break ( a sniff from Shiseido Inoui ) to review it. I touched a wrong button so all gone!
        Inoui assured me that no need to for long explanations. ☺️Overall i was saying that although I’m a moron on perfumes. I’ve my own reasons to love some of them even not equally. It must be sounding weird a perfume moron person admiring a perfume blogger. I believe there are some rare “illusionist” persons who are able to take “there” into their pre-destinated illusions. Like going under narcosis drop by drop you close your eyes slowly and then open your eyes to another dimension of illusion that we are living in mostly a few minutes later. It happens and you feel,that’s it. It only occurs in case of your own self or other part being awareness and also when someone face not a fake, solid illusionist’s “study”. No matter with a art likeness, book, music, cinema, perfume etc. I’m not pretending talking like a intellectual person,cause I’m not. In fact, I’m progressing in reverse getting more asocial, not attempting to improve my any skills ( which I have no already).
        I don’t (also not able ) want to explain more but as far as I read your post and thinking all you have been through since operation the remain on my heart is that although you have a eager claw but you know how to manage yourself in the need of use them like a naive pigeon. ( I skipped some sentences and jumped the conclusion part. It was too long 😀)

  6. Ohh, s…t, I had posted! It was all that while you are struggling with your on goings your naive, humorous ,sometimes full of sense ,great ,open mind posts that are making us happy also makes you a real life warrior.

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