My sister has the enviable, but rather daunting task of welcoming Dame Maggie Smith today at the television company she works for ; greeting the grand Dowager of Grantham when she arrives with her chauffeur at reception, making her a drink, and escorting her upstairs to a private viewing room to approve or disapprove of a documentary that they are making about her, also featuring Dame Joan Plowright, Dame Eileen Atkins, and the inestimable Dame Judy Dench (so quite a lot of ‘dames’).






What perfume –  and what clothes?! –  to wear, as they go up (silently?) in the lift?






My sister is usually a torrid and sensual whirl of Roma Biagiotti and L’Artisan Nuit Du Tubereuse worn together, so one can imagine the twitch of the Living Institution’s nostrils as she damningly reads the air and turns her purview in her direction; a tightening of the icon’s lips as they both fixate on the floor numbers above them, and Deborah holds her breath in.









Perusing the essential, and inexhaustible, Celebrity Perfume Guide, however, I find in fact that this most venerable of British actresses wears a perfume I have never heard of before, a scent from the 80’s called Madeleine De Madeleine, apparently a drier, more reserved Piguet Fracas, a tuberose that my own fiery and impetuous sibling also wears, as it should happen, to quite ravishing effect.





Two hot tuberoses, stuck together in an elevator.







Perhaps they’ll get along like a house on fire.












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  1. Incidentally, the correct form of address when she arrives is apparently

    “Hello Maggie”.

    • “Hello Maggie” is an auspicious start. Sounds like they’ll be chatting up a storm by the time they get upstairs. Or is it verboten to speak to a Dame after that?

      I loved everything Maggie Smith touches. I hope your sister wears her usual (and unusual) blend in the usual quantity. Sounds amazing. As does she. As does Madeleine de Madeleine. Lucky sister.

  2. If the key words silently and rose how about Shiseido White Rose Natural?!
    Or Les Parfums de Rosine Secrets de Rose ??!!

  3. Wonderfully told, Neil. I can just imagine these two tuberoses. Please do tell – how did your sister’s encounter with Maggie Smith go? R

  4. How terribly exciting that must have been. Madeleine de Madeleine was a glorious scent from back in the day. I’m sure both your sister and Maggie must have smelt delightful together. Oh, how I would adore meeting Maggie Smith. I have just loved her my whole life.

    • Me too for some reason. I wonder why.

      Is Madeleine de Madeleine worth seeking out? I have never come across it.

      • MdM is a very nice scent, but I do not know if it is worth seeking out, not even sure if it still smells the way it did from when I remember it. It was definitely not one of those BIG 80’s scents, more of a timeless scent. If you came across it, it would make a nice addition, but I wouldn’t aggressively start searching for it.

      • Arigato. I knew Dame Margaret would go for something slightly restrained!

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