what scent? it’s a SEXUAL EMERGENCY

It’s definitely time for another perfumed, lethal dance party now that I can dance on these legs of mine again.



Possible contenders currently include:



External Affairs


Pleasure Victim


Love Goddess Of The Cannibals




Eros & Psycho



Whatever the chosen theme, I shall be soliciting your suggestions x

The Black Narcissus





Periodically, usually twice a year or so, in various locations around Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura, the D and I will host an event. In the whirl of work and every day living, of catching the train, getting off the train, getting back on the train, of tapping the same old keys on the computer screen, walking back up the hill and getting into bed;  getting up again, putting on the coffee, washing the coffee pot, getting back in the shower and ironing your shirt, checking your workbag and plugging in your phone, clocking in at the office, months and months can go by living in your own little world without catching up with people. I am a solitary creature in my own way and definitely do need my space ( we both have entirely different work schedules and basically only properly see each other three days a week), but you…

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2 responses to “what scent? it’s a SEXUAL EMERGENCY

  1. Filomena813

    Enjoy yourself and dance the night away, but watch your step.

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