It worked.


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11 responses to “SCENT OF THE DAY : GUCCI RUSH 2

  1. The view from my window just now.

    It was C H A O S in the city, but so peaceful and snowbound back here

  2. Whoah, that looks so soft and quiet and blanketing I can practically hear the silence. Great shots, esp. in black and white.

    I like snow when it’s virginal like this. Then, it’s gotta GO. Wow, Neil, hope your commuting isn’t too too crazy.

  3. Renée Stout

    Beautiful, but keep it over there! (LOL)

  4. I am living in snow country for the first time in my live… The beauty and the silence stun me and leave me breathless. My scent of the day. L’Heure Bleue. Cheers.

  5. Nancysg

    It is magical when the snow is fresh and the trees sag under the heavy pillows.

  6. OnWingsofSaffron

    Gosh! In Germany it‘s 13 C i.e. just far, far too warm for January! Then last week there was a horrible storm so that all train connections (all!) were cancelled in the whole country.
    And in Cape Town there is no water left — how strange it all is, man made too —

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