II (Deux) by Cire Trudon ( 2017)




I am gasping for Spring. It has been cold for too long. And although ‘Deux’,  a brisk, intelligent-  if conservative – scent crafted by perfumer Lyn Harris for candlemaker Cire Trudon is not quite my usual style : serious, clear-eyed,  a determined hiker walking grim-lipped, alone through miles of undisturbed forest……this morning,  I did enjoy its sense of leaves, saplings and bitter, green, clenched coniferousness; the buds’ perennial perseverance on the branches, and the soon-to-come opening newness.




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7 responses to “II (Deux) by Cire Trudon ( 2017)

  1. Sounds like just the right antidote to to Winter Fatigue, N. I’m longing for Spring as well. It hasn’t been very cold here, but my gawd, the RAIN . . .

    Just found a vintage bottle of Balenciaga Michelle, which is chasing the rainclouds away rather effectively. It’s a spicy, heady, old-school tuberose Very French and yet very lush and tropical at the same time. Do you know it?

  2. Ooh, that was a good read. So you do know it — you REALLY know it. I had a feeling it was going to be alright, but it really is epic.

    Also got a bottle of Cialenga, which I think you would like. Lots of nice vintage-y green stuff happening in it.

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