At the house of Persolaise, as we gather for breakfast, even the marmalade is created by a perfumer : Marmalade by Perfumer H.


Lyn Harris’s morningtime confection is made of the darkest and bitterest oranges from Seville, at just the right edge of sweetness, infused with unexpected (but judicious) additions of aromatic  lavender and bergamot.



Intriguing, and delicious.




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18 responses to “marmalade

  1. MrsDalloway

    How FABULOUS. I’ve been meaning to go back to Perfumer H and that would be a good excuse.

    I was in Selfridges yesterday evening and thought I’d see if the Hermès boutique had the new ones, but it’s gone! Will have to try Harrods. I think I’m probably too chicken for a standalone boutique. Though the Selfridges SAs varied from lovely to quite rude in the past.

    • MrsDalloway

      Actually I went to the boutique near Marble Arch once and they were fine, even when I dropped a tester of Galop (only a couple of inches). And most of the Selfridges ones were lovely.

  2. rprichpot

    Sounds delish!

  3. Filomena

    Enjoy yourself!

  4. I am bringing my buttered crumpet.

  5. Persolaise

    So THAT’S where all the marmalade went! 😂


    Hi Neil, What a fabulous blog! I would love to invite you to visit Ormonde Jayne’s newly opened perfumery in Old Bond Street while you are in London.

    • Ooh that sounds delightful. Not sure if I will have the opportunity to get down to London again on this trip, except POSSIBLY March 29th. Glad you like the blog!


        Yes! March 29 will be splendid! Do please email me pr AT ormondejayne DOT com and I can send you some details & samples in advance?

  7. I need this in my life, now more than ever!

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