bergamot #2




I had a bergamot bath this morning. Beautiful.  I don’t think there is any other essential oil I find more refreshing. I can’t use orange or grapefruit: in even small amounts they give me hives. Lemon burns. Lavender is too multifaceted for morning clarity; rosemary can make me feel aggressive. Cardamom is great when you find a good quality oil, but it is rare; that green, fresh and beautifully focused spice is like putting in a new lens: it brings you back to life.


Bergamot, for me, has similar qualities, but more delicate. It brings you round more gently : there is an inherent slight mystery in that scent, a quality removed. Despite its photosensitivity, I never react to it just in bath water, and as I float, immersed, in the morning silence ( just the birds and muffled ambient noise from the neighbourhood outside ) it is almost like a meditation: I dip a couple of notches into slight dream mode, while concurrently veining my way into consciousness.









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2 responses to “bergamot #2

  1. Robin

    Sounds like you’re really home again.

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