Calling all Narcissi. I am currently writing about citrus and colognes for my book. Any citrus favourites you might like to share? Any lemon oddballs like this one that I should include? Any citric obscurities that might have slipped my attention?


I await your comments.

The Black Narcissus






Strangely, I read the other day that Eau De Rochas is currently this venerable company’s best selling scent in France (I have never seen it sold anywhere else, although there is still a bottle on the dresser in the guest bedroom back in England).

There is a vintage bottle, also, in my collection, but for some reason I seem to never want to wear it.

This sharp, lemony perfume is an anomaly. A depressed, serotonin-dipping citrus – the image evoked, for me, of a valiumed up California housewife, staring out, trapped in suburban hell.

The sun blazes outside her white 70’s condo. But all she sees is clouds, in her pressed, grey slacks. The shadows under plants:  a schizoid effect achieved with two very opposing accords that constantly dim and sync with each other: a bright top note of Calabrian lime, tangerine, bergamot and Sicilian lemon, giving a quick flowing…

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10 responses to “YOU LOOK RIGHT THROUGH ME : : : EAU DE ROCHAS (I970)

  1. I love citrussy scents! They are so fruity and so appeasing.

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    Eau de Fleurs de Cedrats by Guerlain. Before my perfume obsession spiraled completely out of control, this was a favourite. Absolutely wonderful. However, I haven‘t tried it in ages and have no idea what the current version is like.

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Edward Hopper gone off with a whiff of sour Black Dahlia ..
    You conjure her up beautifully: I can almost smell her!

  4. Anon

    Rives d’Ambres? i really like it.

  5. Tati

    So excited to hear about the book!
    Citruses are tricky, but the ones I love wearing both in middle of the summer to cool down and in the middle of winter to reminisce the warmth, are Blenheim Bouquet, Atelier Colognes: Orange Sanguine, Cedrat Enivrant and Trefle Pur. Also, Acqua di Parma creations are citrus perfect in many cases. And when I am visiting Istanbul, I am always bringing back home local no-name citrus “Limon kolonyasi” for using as casual splash during office hours…

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