“We began as a mineral. We emerged into plant life and the animal state, and then into being human;  and always we have forgotten our former states, except in early spring –  when we slightly recall being green again”.




– Rumi


(‘The Dream That Must Be Interpreted’)







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12 responses to “green

  1. Such a gorgeous time of year.

  2. Robin

    Love this. I’ve been recalling being green again. Galbanum goes straight to my soul.

  3. Robin

    And always, Nº19.

    • Just seen a vintage edp, which I have never owned, but 8000 yen. Do I need it?

      • Robin

        Hmm. I don’t know. It’s rosier than the other formulations. I love it myself and would buy it unsniffed, but that is me. For you, I think it really depends on the bottle in question. There is so much variation. The one I have – just comparing it with one of my edts – also has more apparent orris, less vetiver. I actually find more galbanum, too. I think you need it if you can try it on and find it fills the bill. Give it half an hour before you decide; it needs time. Off the top of my head, I think you’d prefer the others, but if you supplies are dwindling and sources are spotty . . . It IS recognizably Nº19, no doubt, and far superior to anything they’ve put out in the last few years.

      • This was my feeling. I remember that smell from university.

        We’ll see if it’s still there next Thursday.

  4. OnWingsofSaffron

    First edition vintage „Vent vert“. That for me is the epitome of „green“.
    Modern green: Ninfeo mio.

  5. Jason

    Would you post your thoughts on Anhiliation with Natalie Portman please,
    Its very Margiela Replica/Tauerade/Houbigant.
    Lots of post apocalyptic corsage references.


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