Is it really two years?

The Black Narcissus




The music of Prince is woven inextricably into the fabric of my youth, of summer, of friendship, of a boundless sense of freedom and lushness. My best friend Helen and I would lounge about in each other’s rooms with the latest album or 12” on the turntable (when the extended, endless b-sides would often be even better than the A), birds singing in the garden outside, the warm liberating sunset of late July and early sexual awakening and the flowering of our minds, always doused in our latest perfume and proffering our wrists to each other, holding forth on whatever nonsense we wanted to hold forth about, leafing through magazines, laughing and drinking and letting the succulent, delectable warm funk of his wonderful music flood the room and our bodies and our brains. It is indelibly linked to a great feeling of happiness, of parties where we would always play…

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  1. Filomena813

    Yes I couldn’t believe it had been two yearsr either. I went to one of his amazing concerts had a front row seat and he sat next to during his performance for about a minute. He was the ultimate performer. What a loss. 😢

  2. Nancyg

    I just watched the newly released video and soundtrack of “Nothing Compares to You” which Prince’s estate recently released. I had no idea he had written the song. It is amazing to watch him dancing in a rehearsal and his beautiful interpretation of the song. Hope you can find it. I am bad at doing links.

    • Yes, I saw that it had come out but haven’t watched it yet. There will be a TON of unreleased material in The Vault that will keep him fresh for many a year to come I think.

      • Nancyg

        The New Yorker had an online article about Prince and it contained the link to the video. Being a decades long reader of the New Yorker, I am periodically surprised by the great and current culture items they cover.

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