the rainy comfort scents


It is pouring it down right now in torrents, and post-shower this morning, my usual work scents : light florals or citruses just didn’t seem right (they need the sun to shine ).


Scanning my main cabinet this morning, only this scent leapt out at me ( even though we are officially forbidden to wear perfume to work) and I am loving it at this moment,  sprayed on my shirt cuffs, all laundered and dry and cosy with ease.



Do you also have any equivalent mindless, innocuous, ‘nuzzlers’?








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3 responses to “the rainy comfort scents

  1. Filomena

    Hermes Hiris is my nuzzler…mostly because of the wonderful memories I had in Italy when it first came out. It is the only perfume I wore and received many compliments for. Thus, I equivocate it with Italy even though it is from a French perfume house. But it has been my comfort scent for quite a long time although I don’t wear it on a regular basis as much as I used to. (Perhaps because I have too many other perfumes, most of which also get neglected).

  2. Robin

    I’d never heard of Vice Versa, let alone sniffed it, but I’m thinking that my equivalent might be Nina Ricci Deci Delà. It’s a frivolous little fruity chypre and it always hits the spot, not too sweet, in the edt version not too strong. Perfectly half-way between modern fruity-floral and vintage. It’s been discontinued but I have gallons of it (thrift-store finds, mostly) so I don’t have to worry when I spray with abandon from ears to waist. Never fails to make me feel good about the world.

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