to those that know me





I am painfully aware that I am not ‘giving’ enough on The Black Narcissus right now.



Last year was a flood of post-operative psychology melanged with perfume.



This year is like a desert in comparison. I apologize.



The book IS happening though – and it is extremely exciting indeed, but coupled with work ( don’t ask !), and god knows whatever else ( life : body : future : japaneseness ) I feel… taken by the tides.



the above is a photo I took last thursday when walking The Hill.







It definitely reminded me of The






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17 responses to “to those that know me

  1. Life and the book need to come first, Neil.
    Everyone is so eager to read it next year, that I’m sure we all understand blogging has to take a back seat. it will be well worth it!

  2. Do what you need for yourself and then the rest will happen. The photo does indeed look like “The Shining”.

  3. Bee

    So looking forward to the book! I’m sure everyone understands you have a load of work to do.

  4. rprichpot

    I hope the hill isn’t as creepy at night as it appears.

  5. rprichpot

    Looking forward to the book. Cheers!

  6. Life gets big sometimes, but your obligation is to yourself and those you love. Everything else becomes secondary. Just came off two years of horrid medical stuff and the very last thing I wanted to do was fragrance (let alone write about it.) Heal your body and spirit, the rest will follow!

  7. What I see in your photo is the light at the end of the tunnel! Life and loved ones must come first. But keep working on the book as you are able; we’re all eager to read it! I hope you have a whole chapter about your experiences hunting fragrances in flea markets.

  8. Aida Spinazzola

    Rely in the eternal self-healing power of life. Give yourself time, and trust life, sometimes it knows better. Take care of your soul and your body which houses your emotions. And slowly you will find time for the book and everything else. Knowing there is a book in the making, we can wait as long as you need!

  9. Robin

    Oh my god. The hedge maze!!!!!!

    Not surprised to see less of you these days and hear that you’ve been taken by the tides. Understandable. Do what you gotta do. We’ll be here waiting to hear from you whenever you feel like writing here.

    And all the best, in terms of the book, teaching and life.

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