Probably I would have been wearing the For Men variations of Eternity, Obsession, or Herrera; or possibly Eau Sauvage Extreme. I can’t quite remember ..


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  1. Filomena

    Happy 25th Anniversary!

  2. One of my very favorite ABBA songs, Happy Anniversary!

  3. emmawoolf

    Ahh. I remember it well. Happy quarter of a century. xx

  4. Tara C

    Congratulations! I am reminded of the quote in Gore Vidal’s autobiography about how his mother described his relationship with Howard Austen as « the only successful marriage in the family. » 😉

  5. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    One of my bespoke songs
    Wish you and Duncan a day to have and make happy memories

  6. mochamousse

    Congratulations, I somehow thought you were very young. Though your taste in fragrances is anything but.. that said, I do love Abba. And I am not so keen on their comeback. Worried they will spoil things for me. My favourite though is Hasta manana ..

    • You think I have decrepit taste in scent ?!

      Agree about ABBA though. It feels weird they will resurrect something that was perfect as it was ..

      • mochamousse

        Oh no, what I meant is you put so much thought into your perfumes, are aware about different cultures of fragrances, but that’s stating the obvious, that I find your tastes very mature. Yet your writing style is young. I loved your pieces on tuberose, which is my favourite, also the Indian tuberose ittar is a heady intoxicating and overpowering concoction, but a few hours in, it is something else altogether.. Mitti ittar is another love, but not many indians know of it, let alone the process of how it’s made.

      • What does it smell like on its own?

  7. I am so happy you both had found each other so many years ago. I can just imagine you, all young and dapper, just exuding Eau Sauvage Extreme, D must of been smitten immediately.
    Wishing you both an amazing 25th and many, many more years of joy and happiness.
    Indian food is the only true way to celebrate, it is food for the soul.

  8. I wish you both a beautiful anniversary party with lots of wild dancing. XX

    • There was ! So great to be ABLE to dance now as well after last year. I lasted for a good few hours and feel fine today which is great. Shame we can’t just beam people over a la Star Trek

  9. mochamousse

    Mitti smells like earth after first rains. The earth is baked and the first rain brings not just the smell of wet earth but also a cool was but a smell of rain. Strangely it is also a taste of drinking from an earthen pot.

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