Currently writing about spice perfumes for the book.


Any favourites?







August 7, 2018 · 11:11 am

20 responses to “ARABIE by SERGE LUTENS (2000)

  1. Laura Keller

    I’m old. No spice will ever surpass (vintage for all of these) Opium, Cinnabar or Egoiste for me.

    • I’m old too. Opium is amazing; Cinnabar I have always have some inexplicable resistance to, and Egoiste literally sickens me.

      Any others?!

      • Laura Keller

        Hmm. Coco, Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles, Fendi, Fendi Theorema, Krizia Teatro Alla Scala, Rochas Byzance, Lutens Ambre Sultan, Theo Fennell Scent, Youth Dew, Dolce Vita, L’Aire do Desert Marocain. Now my brain is frozen. My first real date ever was with a guy wearing waaay too much Old Spice, a fragrance that will forever linger in my memory inseperable from cheap liquor and despair.

      • ! That is quite a quote.

  2. Caron Bellodgia Extrait
    Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee
    Mona di Orio Vanille
    L’Artisan Parfumeur Safran Troublant

  3. Tara C

    I believe you hate Noir Épices, but that’s on my list, along with Parfum d’Empire Aziyadé, Micallef Denis Durand Couture, Penhaligon’s Elixir, Parfums MDCI Fêtes Persanes, Amouage Fate woman, and Tauer L’Air du Désert Marocain.

  4. MrsDalloway

    Spices aren’t really my bag though I do like Egoiste! Also Amber Narguilé and Theorema if they count, and Via del Profumo Milano Caffè, which is coffee, chocolate and spice. Luca Turin likes that one in the new Guide too.

    • I am dying to read that of course but can’t because I just know it will stop me from writing my own

      • MrsDalloway

        It’s fun, though much smaller than the first one and quite a random selection depending on what samples they were sent. Not even all scents reviewed on Luca’s blog are included.They’re going to publish annual additions apparently.

      • It’s alright for some.

      • MrsDalloway

        Think they’re self publishing this one so you could too! It’s Kindle and print on demand.

      • No – I might go that route in the future for something more odd and literary, but my book is a proper big time release! You will be able to buy me in airports! So it will be more commercial, more pared down…..I think Black Narcissus readers might be surprised actually…..but it doesn’t mean I won’t continue what I normally do on here. And who knows…it might lead to something else later. If not it will just be my fifteen minutes. I have SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT ALL ACTUALLY, but somehow I feel that I can’t. My life has been so bizarre the last two years (as you know from reading this space). Last year all the knee stuff, and then suddenly getting a ‘book deal’. It has been (to use a very apt cliche) just like a rollercoaster. When it is all ‘over’ I suppose I will be changed – I have just also learned that in my workplace WE ARE NOT, CONTRACTUALLY, EVEN ALLOWED TO WRITE BOOKS – so god knows what is going to happen to me. Plus I don’t even have enough time to write it……god knows how it will turn out. I can hardly even think straight these days. I do know that Luca Turin will probably HATE my book though, as it will be too romantic, earnest, florid, and all round ridiculous for his scathingly elegant tastes. Oh well. I await the public chopping board!

      • MrsDalloway

        Intriguing! I can’t wait. Too strange about the contract. Surely they can’t mind you writing a perfume book, quite unrelated to their business?

        Re spice, Arquiste Anima Dulcis is good too.

  5. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Spicy, on the brink of flowers, like Hedgethorn, a flowery shrub I never discovered in any scent known to me ..:
    I love the transition or transgression of flowers (no need of gender, frienly or not) to bloom and trees and weeds and reeds; especially after a summer rain, sadly lacking in this desert summer; nearly destroys my (sense of) humour, spice of life

    On the threshold of Spice in Flower (my scent perception, not the known official) one:

    Mahora Guerlain, Rouge d’Hermes, Habanita de Molinard, l’Arte de Gucci (a sultana favorite), Nightqueen, natural perfume oil Ishu Export India,
    Have to stop and chase wasp away, honing in on wafts of perfume …
    Think of and smell more to come maybe

    Looking forward to anything written by you, cher M Ginzain.

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