FINALLY this term has finished and I can get on with writing this book. It has been an incredibly hectic few months and at times I have felt an erosion of my sanity creeping at the edge of my conscious ( I love the heat at home, but working in it has been punishing- complete  renal overload).. Also I have realized : teaching and writing, though they flow into each other, when attempted simultaneously, are for me mutually incompatible. If I get into my space I can’t connect with the students, and if I teach properly I am too emptied to even write a word. Trying to get the first drafts in ( and then waiting to see if they are liked) while finishing the end of term courses has thus been a total mindfuck: the house is a slagheap, perfume samples everywhere; I haven’t been able to think straight or sleep well or know what to include ( my god there are SO many perfumes now – it’s out of control: do you even TRY to keep abreast of it all? And so many are shit! All those tedious woods drydowns…… trite dregs abound, so little inspiring…) At times I have wondered, deep down, whether I am even up to the task.



Anyway today I am taking a couple of days off from it all : I need to loosen up my brain a bit. Mong out. I am on my way to Tokyo, as pictured, to an underground cabaret event in Tokyo in which Duncan is performing as a 1920’s chameleon (‘Leon Charme, with an accent on the final ‘e’):  we will stay in a hotel, maybe go to the flea market tomorrow and catch up with friends, and I might go back to Parfums Satori to refamiliarize myself.




I want to just be, and absorb. Watch. Smell. Perfume-wise, today I am in total vetiver mode : two different Indian Khus oils, Nubian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver body lotion, some Roger Et Gallet Vetyver:  and also a couple of spritzes of the Green Tea cologne, on top : to keep  El Gringo fresh.


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18 responses to “SCHOOL’S OUT

  1. MrsDalloway

    Glad you made it through. The heat sounds horrendous: it’s been draining enough here at ‘normal for Japan’ type temperatures. I don’t try to keep up with releases and agree about dismal synth woody drydowns. I had an annual sample subscription pack from Bloom which was an eye opener about current ‘edgy’ niche.

    How are your knees now – are they fine?

    • Good question.

      If I don’t keep up the exercise regime the muscles atrophy really quickly – another reason to get into a three and a half week routine back to health…

      Intrigued by the Bloom subscription. One thing I have also realized is that this or that new line often sounds almost unbearably intriguing and the reality almost never lives up to the mouthwatering descriptions. Base notes are not developed enough. Flat and dull

  2. Grayspoole/Maria

    Congratulations on the end of another school year, and enjoy the break. (Meanwhile, the students are on their way back to my university, and my bad demon self whines “go away! while my good teacher self says “welcome back, my darlings!”) Re: your book, which I am so very eager to read. I hope that you will write about just what you like, in just your way. No need to test them all. Have you seen the latest Crayola-hued set of McQueen scents? First Vreeland, now McQueen (I hope he is having a good laugh about it in the beyond). Meanwhile, I just tested a certain Art + Olfaction award winner and got jam + pencil shavings. Had to put on some vintage 1000 extrait to recover.

  3. Vetiver and Green tea together! Why didn’t I think of that. Perfect combination in the heat, and for once your UK readers can empathise with that melting feeling. Very jealous of the flea market. Do let us know what finds you come up with! Have a great time. xx

  4. Filomena

    Enjoy your Holiday…well-deserved!

  5. Tara C

    Vetiver and green tea – makes me think of Etro Palais Jamais. Enjoy your holidays! I don’t even try to keep up with the new releases as 99% of them are dreck. I wait and read reviews, then occasionally order samples or test in stores. Haven’t found anything new worth buying in months. Fortunately I already have enough juice to last 5 lifetimes.

  6. OH do enjoy your holiday, you so deserve it. I can only imagine how completely draining it must have been teaching all day and slogging through fragrant dreck at night.
    You are so correct about those synthy-woodsy basenotes. They go straight to hell on my skin and leave me the worse for wear.
    I do know that all of this hard work will pay off in the end and the book will be sublime. I am so eager to get my hands on a copy, I am just bristling with excitement.
    Do relax and make time for yourself.
    Oh, and on behalf of all us parfumistas, thank you for trying so many (surely) scrubbable scents, for our future reading pleasure.

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