It was was a good idea to spontaneously go to this great new niche emporium in Ginza, to do some last minute research.


But it was a bad one to then get on the rush hour train in Tokyo, DRENCHED in full strength scent.



i can viscerally feel the offense I am causing all around me





















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14 responses to “THE NOSE SHOP

  1. Filomena

    I think all we perfume lovers have done something like that at least once!

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    No rescue for drenched or drowned!
    Next time carry clothes drying pinchers in your pocket.
    (Don’t know english word)
    HiLAR ious

  3. Cath

    HHAHA! You go and terrorise those commuters. Let’s call it education.

    • Mind you: it WAS quite the miasma. I doused myself in the divine Kashnoir by Laboratorio Olfattivo – ends up being one of the best ambers I have ever smelled, as well as all kinds of other things. Outrageous. We were on our way to check out one of the Tifana recycle boutiques in Tokyo – SO good for perfume bargains. Have you been to any of them?

  4. KC Reusser

    The pictures are hilarious

  5. David

    Think of it as revenge for all the gyoza- stale beer- crusty- salary man stench you have probably endured over the years.
    It’s interesting that there is a niche emporium in Ginza considering how scent-adverse the Japanese are. Another paradox of Japanese life.

  6. MrsDalloway

    Isn’t that rude of them or are they genuinely suffering? Would they do theatrical nose holding if someone smelt unwashed – much worse surely?

    See Gallivant has introduced a Tokyo scent – I was interested in their Amsterdam but didn’t like it in reality:

    • I DETESTED Amsterdam and think that brand is quite overrated, actually. As for the nose holding: people do it quite uninhibitedly. I personally think it is very rude, but it is quite possible that they genuinely ARE suffering. Still, to me it is ostentatiously passive aggressive, one of my most abhorred tendencies in humanity.

  7. Do they ever do the tissue to face or nose holding when someone reeks of cigarette smoke, alcohol, body smells or the like? It seems to me they just pick and choose what to find offensive. Poor little bunnies that they are.

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