Miseria on a Tuesday : ENNUI NOIR by UNUM (2016)





I am currently exploring the perfumed creations of Filippo Sorcinelli: photographer, artist, painter, organist, and perfumer turned self appointed mystic behind the fashionably ascetic brands UNUM, Sauf, and the fog-inspired Nebbia.




I should probably be wearing the latter today, as my brain is still fugged after a wild weekend in Tokyo where I was drenched in his perfumes in a stage performance with Duncan (!), forgetting that I am not actually eighteen, and that such events, especially when they begin at midnight, do take their toll on one’s mental clarity.




Now I am on the bus on my way to work, feeling subdued to say the least- puffy and jaded, and I have no brain cells left to speak of, so I will leave my descriptions of those other Sorcinelli perfumes ( which I really enjoyed ) to another day. Ennui Noir –  Black Ennui, or Dark Boredom, or, to give it its full title – ‘The abyss of returning to work after a long and hilarious, stimulating weekend’ is indeed slightly boring, or flat, or at least a little bit depressed : a sawdusty, sweet woody heliotrope patchouli that reminds me a little, in its drydown, of vintage Dior Hypnotic Poison, though you are unlikely to be hypnotized by this, or sent into an erotic frenzy. Rather, you might apply some to your tired, languid wrists; sink deeper into a self-absorbed reverie…..and fantasize, pointlessly, about not going into the office, instead just curling up under your blankets and duvets with a cup of tea, the cat, a hot water bottle –  –         and your iPhone












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2 responses to “Miseria on a Tuesday : ENNUI NOIR by UNUM (2016)

  1. Nancyg

    Not eighteen anymore! I can say “not fifty anymore” and descend into the agonies of less energy and more aches. But, I am fortunate to be in generally good health. Kudos to your adventurous weekend.

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